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Logility buys AdapChain to integrate supply chain offerings

Steve Rogerson
September 13, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia-based Logility, a provider of collaborative supply chain optimisation and retail planning systems, has acquired privately-held AdapChain, a developer of advanced integration products.
AdapChain’s technology speeds and simplifies the integration of supply chain with enterprise resource planning (ERP) through a proven template-based approach. Its AdapLink enables companies to enhance their supply chain capabilities by integrating the rich transaction and master data from their enterprise systems with Logility Voyager.
This acquisition builds on years of collaboration between AdapChain and Logility to develop an application with proven ERP templates that redefine and simplify supply chain integrations for companies around the world.
“For more than 18 years, we have helped develop an innovative solution that turns the complexity of enterprise-wide application integration into a quick, simple and repeatable process,” said Svenne Juul, president of Pennsylvania-based AdapChain. “I am excited to join the Logility team as we work together to accelerate the deployment of our solutions and develop new capabilities that will further help companies reduce the time and cost of enterprise-wide integrations.”
As today’s fast-paced business environment grows increasingly more complex, companies find their ERP and related enterprise business software do not offer the rich breadth and depth of capability provided by advanced planning and optimisation. The continued adoption of more mature business processes such as sales and operations planning and integrated business planning, and the ability to leverage the IoT further drives the need to connect multiple enterprise systems across the organisation.
AdapLink simplifies the process of connecting these systems, including those from Infor, JDA, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, with Logility’s supply chain and retail optimisation systems to drive additional insight and visibility. By simplifying the integration and upgrade process, companies can realise lower total cost of ownership and increase the rate of system adoption within the organisation.
“Acquiring AdapChain extends Logility’s ability to deploy innovative supply chain and retail optimisation more quickly and at a lower total cost of ownership than our industry peers,” said Allan Dow, president of Logility. “Many Logility customers around the world have already realised significant benefits through the use of Voyager AdapLink. And, we have identified additional investment areas to deliver new efficiencies and harness the exponential growth of data that will drive tomorrow’s hyper-responsive supply chains.”

AdapLink’s application-based integration delivers a framework for continued innovation while providing capabilities for error checking, data validation and transformations. It is said to provide a quick, simple and repeatable process for supply chain to enterprise system integration.
Pre-built integration templates support a wide range of supply chain and ERP configurations. Separating the integration component from the underlying ERP and SCM technologies eliminates the need to specify, develop, test and debug new components. This approach reduces risk, increases integration quality and shortens the payback period during the initial implementation and future for upgrades.
Data from multiple enterprise systems and beyond the four walls including IoT and social signals can be tightly integrated to support the needs of advanced planning processes including sales and operations planning and long-range integrated business planning.
Net change management and distributed processing synchronises extremely high stock-keeping unit volumes in less time by only exchanging data that have changed since the last update. This ensures scalability and speed. By reducing the load and return time, more time is available for high-value scenario analysis and business optimisation of the supply chain.
Established business rules proactively identify incorrect or incompatible data, populate these data elements and direct action through a corrective workflow. This process streamlines rollout and reduces the need for costly manual intervention.
With more than 1250 customers worldwide, Logility provides collaborative supply chain optimisation and retail planning to help small, medium, large and Fortune 500 companies improve bottom-line results.