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Lockheed secures mobile apps for emergency responders

William Payne
September 27, 2017
Lockheed Martin is extending its most secure emergency responder and crisis response network communications to include smartphone and tablet devices. The company is using technology developed by California based cyber-security start-up Blue Cedar.
In addition to aviation manufacturing, Lockheed Martin provides emergency response, military and homeland security grade secure network systems. The company is also a major supplier of healthcare software, including to the US VA health system and to the British NHS.
Lockheed Martin is one of the largest providers of healthcare app software to the NHS.
The first network platform to receive Blue Cedar mobile device security upgrades is Lockheed Martin's Universal Communications Platform (UCP). The collaboration with Blue Cedar will allow users of Android and iOS devices to access and work within UCP high security and emergency networks for the first time. Lockheed Martin's UCP technology is deployed in high-security environments such as in theatre military, battle-space communications and emergency responders.
Lockheed Martin is also to distribute the Blue Cedar platform to its customers and prospects via offerings that the company says will be designed to meet a wide range of mobile security needs.
The collaboration between Blue Cedar and Lockheed Martin will allow users with commercial smartphones and tablets to download and launch the UCP Communicator app, which is inserted with Blue Cedar’s layer of encryption and other security controls that are already included in the app.
Blue Cedar says that with its technology, there is no need to write any security code. The company says this accelerates time to market as well as increasing ease of use and protecting users' privacy.
Lockheed Martin's involvement in healthcare includes health data analytics and management work for the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the National Institutes of Health through a division based in Syracuse, New York, as well as offices in Virginia and Texas.
Through a UK based division headquartered in Glasgow, Lockheed Martin is one of the principal developers of mobile apps for healthcare workers in the British NHS health system.