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LLVision AR glasses spot people with high temperatures

Steve Rogerson
June 16, 2020

AI-powered augmented reality (AR) glasses from Chinese firm LLVision are helping authorities detect people with high temperatures as part of their fight against Covid-19.
The upgraded GLXSS SE-IR dual-spectrum smart glasses provide a fast and accurate temperature check, which helps enterprises organise work resumption.
Applying technologies such as an AI algorithm and dual spectrum imaging, the glasses not only enable automatic forehead temperature targeting but also improved processing times, accuracy and data dimensions. 
At present, they are being used in more than 30 sites and 50 airports, customs checkpoints, schools and industrial parks across China. The company's service has also been introduced to the UAE, India, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, South Africa, Pakistan, Chile, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.
Accuracy down to ±0.3˚C is guaranteed through the dual-spectrum fitting algorithm that targets the forehead, combined with error correction and black body calibration technology.
AR glasses allow a safe operating distance as the glasses can measure the temperature of multiple moving targets up to three metres away and detect faces at up to eight metres.
Equipped with 1Tflops/W computing power and an edge computing chip, the glasses can support continuous real-time multi-people detection of up to 200 people per minute. Each temperature result can be bound to facial recognition results, time, location, on-site image and other information, and will be recorded and reported to the management platform.
IP67 compliant, the smart glasses weigh 33.4g and are tested to military standards. The product is compatible with helmets, goggles and other personal protective equipment. The first perspective function provides an immersive experience with video sharing and multi-party audio and video meetings.
A real-time AR mark is applied to videos for automatic tracking when moving. Also, it supports two-way images, text and mainstream files delivery. The pictures and texts will be displayed on the glasses screen automatically.
LLVision has also launched the latest version of its Arise industrial remote collaboration platform. This allows users to accomplish trouble shooting and completion test, as well as track business performance, with remote collaboration features such as remote video artificial intelligence recognition and data analysis.
"The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily impacted business," said Roy Lou, product director of LLVision. “To help companies tackle these challenges, we have upgraded our industrial remote collaboration platform to allow for unintrusive use to the benefit of the public and staff.”
The platform can be applied to on-site service scenarios such as operation process management, park asset management and AI cognition.
LLVision is a specialist in AR and AI enterprise services, providing related hardware products and software support. Its products are used in industries such as security, industrial and healthcare. The company has served more than 5000 companies worldwide.