Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

LJ Rogers uses Orbcomm to keep track of fleet

Steve Rogerson
September 13, 2016
North Carolina-based LJ Rogers Trucking is introducing asset tracking for its dry van trailer fleet using technology from Orbcomm.
LJ Rogers focuses on full-service truckload transportation and logistics support throughout the USA. Orbcomm will provide wireless connectivity through its proprietary hardware and a web-based reporting platform for fleets.
The ruggedised telematics system is self-powered with solar recharging technology for low power consumption and long service life, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes.
It includes a web application with data reporting and analytics capabilities to increase in-transit visibility and security of the dry van trailers. The telematics also integrates with the McLeod LoadMaster dispatch software, enabling LJ Rogers to capture near-real-time asset data for its fleet, including operational condition, exception reporting and GPS position, through one system.
“Orbcomm’s dry van trailer tracking system is taking hold in the transportation industry, and we’re pleased that leading truckload carriers like LJ Rogers are investing in our solution for its unique advantages and long-term RoI benefits,” said Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s chief executive officer. “With a very low cost of ownership, Orbcomm’s telematics are a must-have for transportation companies looking to achieve cost controls while ensuring continuous access to trailer location and status information.”
LJ Rogers expects to complete deployment of the telematics system by the second quarter of 2017.
“Orbcomm has exceeded our expectations in providing reliable and cost-effective asset tracking to help improve trailer availability, reduce fleet operations costs and ensure the safety, security and quality of our customers’ shipments from start to finish,” said Brad King, vice president of operations with LJ Rogers Trucking. “Orbcomm’s complete telematics system was easy to install and integrate with our back-office platform, enabling us to see immediate benefits in optimising our efficiency, performance and service levels across our business.”
Orbcomm introduced at last week’s CTIA Super Mobility in Las Vegas its Enterprise IoT Toolkit, which provides every layer of the IoT stack required to develop market-specific services that improve asset use, reduce operational costs and provide long-term return on investment.
The toolkit components are available together or separately to enterprises, OEMs, service providers and value added resellers to create M2M and IoT services with the assurance that all the building blocks are interoperable and come with a single point of contact for support.
With a broad set of enterprise IoT capabilities, Orbcomm believes it is uniquely positioned to provide tools for quickly developing flexible, scalable IoT services. For example, it offers a full suite of tracking, monitoring and controlling devices, ranging from individual components such as interchangeable satellite modems, sensors and smart terminals to turnkey, application-specific telematics services operating on multiple networks.
The New Jersey company’s mix of connectivity options ensures customers are reliably in touch with their assets as cost-effectively as possible, even in some of the most remote places in the world. With services available in more than 190 countries and territories, the network connectivity portfolio includes services from seven tier-one cellular providers and three global satellite networks, including Orbcomm’s own low-Earth orbit constellation.
Orbcommconnect is a subscriber management platform that integrates multiple connectivity providers and reduces the complexity of managing M2M assets and IoT devices across these networks. The platform simplifies provisioning, connectivity, setting thresholds and alerts, and more through either a web-based interface or an API.
The company’s DeviceCloud enables users to speak one language to all of their connected devices. It provides device configuration and provisioning, firmware upgrades and key data functionality such as transforming raw data into actionable information and generating alerts. It gives applications access to multiple networks and devices in a single device-agnostic API, allowing a replacement, upgrade or addition of devices, whether Orbcomm or third-party, without updating the application.
An application enablement platform, Orbcomm’s iApp reduces the time, cost and complexity of deploying high-performance RFID and sensor-based M2M and IoT applications. With application templates and enterprise plug-ins for a number of industries, iApp can both jumpstart IoT development and provide ongoing, evolutionary application development.
For users looking for complete end-to-end M2M and IoT deployments, Orbcomm offers a suite of cloud-based SaaS reporting applications for tracking and managing assets across a wide array of industries.
“There is a lot of hype surrounding IoT, with many companies trying to differentiate themselves in what is becoming a complex and crowded space,” said Eisenber. “Orbcomm stands far in front of the pack because we’ve been doing IoT long before it was a buzzword. We believe our IoT toolkit is the best and most complete offering available in the market today because we’ve been using these award-winning products and services for years to build RoI-driven M2M and IoT for our customers with great success.”