Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Libelium integrates IBM platform to speed smart city development

Steve Rogerson
December 8, 2015
Spanish company Libelium has integrated the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform with Waspmote wireless sensors to enable developers to build, run and manage applications based on data streams from Waspmote and Plug & Sense connected sensor devices, reducing time-to-market for smart cities and IoT applications.
Now including Bluemix, Libelium’s cloud connector framework is accessible through the Meshlium wireless gateway for easy configuration of cloud systems without any further programming. Existing Meshlium users can access the IBM Bluemix Cloud option by upgrading their Meshlium software.
“This announcement highlights a clear synergy between a hardware device manufacturer and a top class platforms provider,” said Jim Morrish, founder and chief research officer at Machina Research. “For years, Libelium have been the go-to guys for providing all manner of diverse connected sensors, ranging from grapevine sensing to pollution monitoring in smart cities. Meanwhile, IBM’s Bluemix platform is both developer-friendly and has the ability to scale, technically and commercially, as client needs grow. Most platforms achieve one of these goals, but very few achieve all three.”
He said there could be no better environment in which to demonstrate the collaboration between these companies than the smart cities arena since this context combined a need for diverse sensing applications and afforded the opportunity for a fully integrated platform to generate additional value by combining the data exhaust from multiple smart cities uses to create new applications.
“Bluemix is open source and well positioned for the development of smart cities applications, one of Libelium’s strategic vertical markets,” said Alicia Asin, Libelium CEO and co-founder. “Our Waspmote IoT ecosystem is designed for interoperability, giving developers access to the widest selection of tools they need to build all the applications of the IoT, quickly and safely.”
Libelium customers include system integrators, developers, and engineering and consultancy companies on five continents.
The Waspmote and Bluemix Cloud integration is being showcased at the IBM Innovation Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Waspmote Plug & Sense smart cities and smart environment sensor nodes and Libelium’s Meshlium gateway connect with the Bluemix Cloud environment to demonstrate predictive data analysis in the context of smart cities deployments.
Waspmote is a complete technology platform for the IoT, integrating any sensor, any communications protocol and any cloud system. Waspmote OEM is oriented to developers for prototyping, pilot projects and proofs of concept; the Waspmote Plug & Sense sensor line is pre-configured for quick deployment of IoT, smart cities, and M2M services and applications.
• Libelium has released a radio module bringing LoRa wide area network (LoRaWan) wireless connectivity to Waspmote IoT sensors for applications that require low-energy, long-range data transmission on a large scale. The module is integrated with the Waspmote sensor platform and is also available as an upgrade for all existing Waspmote sensor devices.
"Waspmote sensor nodes are extremely energy efficient, intended for massive deployments in cities and the industrial IoT,” said David Gascón, Libelium CTO and co-founder. “Our sensor platform is a perfect fit for purpose-built LoRaWan, designed to carry complex data that characterises smart cities applications, and thereby enable connectivity for the billions of devices and sensors predicted for the IoT.”