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Landis+Gyr expands Grid-Edge device control platform

William Payne
October 31, 2018

Swiss based energy management specialist Landis+Gyr has announced an agreement with Redwood, CA based DC Systems to re-sell and co-develop a real-time monitoring, aggregation and control software for distribution assets and distributed energy resources. 

This software will also work with Landis+Gyr's Gridstream Connect IoT platform. The agreement expands Landis+Gyr's 14-year partnership with DC Systems that has focused on helping utilities better manage the last mile of the distribution grid.

The agreement includes provisions to develop improved intelligent communication gateways that optimise throughput of data and critical control signals to grid-edge devices over Landis+Gyr's RF Mesh network for smart grid applications. It will also allow Landis+Gyr to embed the control and functionality of DC Systems' technology and software directly into upcoming products to anticipate future market demands.

"By adding distributed generation control to our distribution automation solutions, Landis+Gyr expands our ability to manage energy and capacity in real-time," said John Radgowski, Vice President of Product Portfolio Management at Landis+Gyr. "These solutions equip distribution utilities to increase reliability and system efficiency, while extending asset life by reacting more quickly with greater situational awareness."

"Landis+Gyr has a history of taking on the most demanding challenges in the energy sector," said Douglass Campbell, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of DC Systems. "After many years in partnership, this agreement presents the next opportunity for both companies to help utilities deploy layered intelligence with connected computing power at the grid edge to not only manage energy and capacity, but also expand the scope of their business."

Landis+Gyr's Gridstream Connect IoT platform is designed to provide utilities with layered intelligence, a multi-level compute and analysis capability that allows networked devices and enterprise software to react to local conditions quickly and with an appropriate understanding of the system-wide objectives.