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Laird LoRa gateway preloaded with Senet software

Steve Rogerson
June 6, 2018
The Laird Sentrius LoRaWan gateway now comes pre-loaded with the Senet LoRa packet forwarder software and provides native support for registration and operation on New Hampshire-based Senet’s network.
This out-of-the-box integration should let enterprises deploy LoRaWan services more efficiently across a variety of markets and expand as business opportunities arise.
Designed for secure and scalable enterprise IoT deployments, the eight-channel Sentrius gateway supports LoRaWan, dual-band wifi and wired Ethernet for multi-protocol flexibility. This flexibility expands the number of smart devices that can be connected to enterprise applications and delivers an optimised and economical approach to meeting the diversity of real-world enterprise IoT use cases.
Laird and Senet are both members of the LoRa Alliance and are participating at this week’s LoRa Alliance all members meeting and open house in Vancouver, Canada. The companies are hosting a LoRaWan hands-on boot camp session where attendees walk through using both Bluetooth LE and LoRaWan to bridge sensor data – temperature, wind speed and direction – via Laird’s RG1xx gateway platform to Senet’s network-as-a-service.
“Senet’s approach to IoT network deployment and operation brings unique value to companies like Laird by creating new customer engagement and gateway deployment models that are accelerating the adoption of low power, wide area connectivity,” said Jonathan Kaye, senior director at UK-based Laird. “We are excited to be collaborating with Senet to combine the utility of the Sentrius gateway with the ease of use and flexibility of the Senet network for our customers.”
In addition to deployment tools, including intuitive web-based configuration and integration with Senet’s packet forwarder, the Sentrius RG1xx provides:

  • Full Linux operating system – Kernel v4.x running on Atmel A5 core at 536MHz;
  • Multiple interfaces such as LoRaWan, 802.11a/b/g/n and Ethernet;
  • Eight-channel LoRaWan support with up to +27dBM maximum transmit power;
  • Comprehensive certifications for FCC, IC and CE all pending;
  • Industrial temperature range of -30 to +70˚C; and
  • Enterprise-grade security built on Laird’s years of experience in wireless.
“The Laird Sentrius is an outstanding addition to our portfolio of qualified LoRaWan gateways as it delivers the critical features needed to support the demands and diversity of enterprise IoT applications,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet. “We look forward to our on-going collaboration with Laird to help organisations deploy LoRaWans faster and more efficiently and are excited to be partnering with a like-minded company committed to simplifying IoT connectivity for enterprises around the globe.”