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Laird tool aids RF antenna selection

Steve Rogerson
June 3, 2020

Ohio-based wireless technology firm Laird Connectivity has announced a parametric selector tool for RF antenna products so users can quickly and accurately find the right antenna for their project.
They can search using criteria such as single-frequency and multi-frequency ranges, cable types, cable lengths, and connectors. The selection can also be made based on the market categories of wifi, Bluetooth, cellular, GNSS, GPS, IoT, M2M and public safety.
The criteria let users narrow search results according to the type of implementation, for example, antennas for use cases such as portable handheld devices, mobile vehicle mount implementations, fixed infrastructure implementations and more. Filters narrow results by key performance features such as gain, omnidirectional or directional radiation patterns, environmental requirements, and the numbers of ports.
This selector tool also makes it efficient to sort and analyse results by specific features among multiple search criteria.
"Laird Connectivity's new selector tool provides a fast and convenient method for searching a database of 1500 antennas with an intuitive drop-down menu of key RF antenna features," said Gordon Barber, Laird Connectivity's director of product management. "The results can display in an easy-to-read table, including on mobile devices, for quick antenna searches on the move. This tool helps find the exact antenna needed faster than ever before."
The tool is available on mobile and desktop platforms via a web browser.
Laird Connectivity simplifies wireless connectivity with modules, antennas, IoT devices and user-specific wireless products.