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Connected health for student diabetes

William Payne
July 12, 2016

A blood glucose meter and a real-time connected health app for monitoring and managing diabetes is being rolled out to college students. College students and young adults with diabetes often suffer from uncontrolled diabetes and can find managing their condition especially difficult. Health providers have found young adults with diabetes to be a particularly challenging group to engage with. The adoption of the connected diabetes management solution from LabStyle Innovations by the US non-profit health organisation College Diabetes Network should expand the reach of a smartphone monitoring app to thousands of college students and young adults that belong to the network.

"Smartphones and disruptive app technology have become synonymous with the college student," said Erez Raphael, CEO and Chairman. "Partnering with a non-profit organization like CDN to connect our ground-breaking, disruptive technology that brings disease management into the digital age with more students and young professionals that manage their lifestyle with diabetes is a natural fit. As a CDN Corporate Member, we are making our solution and diabetes mobile data lifestyle management application accessible to thousands of college students and young adults across the United States - and connecting them to our growing global user-base."

LabStyle's Dario is a platform for diabetes management combining an all-in-one blood glucose meter and a real-time native smartphone app including a variety of tools to support and engage users living with diabetes, doctors and healthcare systems. The Dario has launched in several international markets and most recently in the United States.

"We are excited to have LabStyle join CDN as a Corporate Member- and honored to be the first organization they are working with!" said Christina Roth, CEO and Founder of the College Diabetes Network. "LabStyle's technology and Dario product are addressing an important unmet need in the community, simplifying life, leveraging mainstream technology we already carry, and acknowledging the need for blood glucose testing to be more conducive to a person's lifestyle in addition to simply providing clinical information."

The College Diabetes Network was established to serve what is considered an unmet need in the diabetes community: young adults with diabetes. The network provides peer based programmes that aim to connect and empower students and young professionals to thrive with diabetes. CDN has an extensive network of students across the United States and aims to be the "go-to" hub for everything related to young adulthood and diabetes. The organization also works with campus administrators, pediatric and adult endocrinologists, and parents to better support students in all aspects of their lives. CDN is aiming to change the way people think about and accommodate the needs of young adults living with diabetes.