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Kura MD secures $1.5m funding for telemedicine rollout

Steve Rogerson
February 18, 2015
Kura MD, a California-based developer of telehealth products, has secured $1.5m in series A financing from Moneta Ventures, a venture capital firm also based in California.
The company will use the funds to support the rollout of the Kura MD telemedicine system, designed to provide individual physicians, physician groups, urgent care providers and workers’ compensation practitioners with an integrated, web-based telehealth system, which can be quickly and economically implemented in any professional practice setting.
“It is our vision that Kura MD will provide the most advanced and comprehensive system available to physicians in any practice environment and provide a superior user experience for patients,” said Kevin Hamm, Kura MD founder and CEO. “Incorporating the Kura MD platform into their practice, doctors will be able to offer a new level of timely, convenient care for their patients while providing the latest connected healthcare technology, insuring privacy and reducing administrative tasks for both the doctor and the patient.”
The platform enables convenient, secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth appointments between physicians and patients through a computer, smart phone or tablet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It incorporates electronic medical records, an interface hub, registration system, verification, billing, claims, video conferencing and integration of peripheral equipment, practice management and optional best-in-class health station.
“While the benefits of the Kura MD telehealth services are significant to providers, we are also excited about the impact Kura MD will have on reducing healthcare costs for employers and enhancing benefits for their employees and providing patients access to quality healthcare 24/7 from virtually anywhere,” said Hamm.
In addition, Kura MD lets the doctor bring in a specialist to consult during a telemedicine visit to provide real-time consultation. The system is specially designed to streamline all administrative work associated with doctor-patient relationships, including electronic medical record documentation, insurance verification and administrative and reimbursement documentation.
“Moneta’s investment in Kura MD reflects our confidence in the company and its concept,” said Moneta managing partner Lokesh Sikaria. “We recognise that telemedicine is a transformative technology for the healthcare community. Kura MD offers an advanced, integrated system that will enhance care for patients and give physicians a valuable new tool for their practices."
Both Kura MD and Moneta Ventures are Sacramento-area based. Moneta’s investment in Kura MD represents the venture fund’s ongoing focus on identifying and supporting the development of the local technology community. The funding by Moneta Ventures represents the first venture capital funding for Kura MD.
“We are focused on the greater Sacramento area,” Sikaria added. “We think there is exceptional opportunity here.”