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Krixi launches 16 telemedicine modules at Singapore conference

Steve Rogerson
September 22, 2015
Krixi, a Georgia, USA-based provider of secure, cloud and mobile based systems for remote treatment of medical conditions, announced 16 clinical modules integrated into its Krixi Care telemedicine platform at this month’s HIMSS AsiaPac conference in Singapore.
Krixi Care enables physicians to evaluate, diagnose and treat acute medical conditions such as stroke remotely. However, it goes beyond standard telemedicine by offering a more comprehensive and scalable platform that gives physicians real-time consult reports and provides automatic data collection, on demand support documents and other tools to improve diagnosis and treatment.
With the availability of 16 clinical modules, physicians can use Krixi Care to treat a wide variety of clinical conditions from their browser, smartphone or tablet. Right from the screen, physicians cannot only see the patient but all of the decision support information as well. This is said to be just as much about improving patient care as it is about streamlining clinical workflows, real-time data entry and documentation, and tracking key performance indicators.
"Krixi is redefining telemedicine by simplifying and solving day-to-day challenges with technology people already know how to use," said Sandeep Agate, Krixi president and CEO. "Our customers can easily customise existing Krixi Care telemedicine modules or create new ones within a few hours and days. Krixi Care is scalable and extensible. It's for everyone."
The platform provides a suite of consultation tools including built in decision support, Dicom image review, multi-party audio and video conferencing, and data analytics. Physicians can seamlessly integrate these telemedicine tools with their existing workflows and avoid lost opportunity costs and lifestyle compromises by providing remote consultations from anywhere.
With this library of modules, available on web browsers and tablets, Krixi claims to lead the innovation curve in secure, cloud and module powered telemedicine platforms.