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KPN partners Vital10 to allow remote ECG readings

Steve Rogerson
December 5, 2017

Dutch telco KPN is collaborating with local ehealth company Vital10 so heart patients can submit an ECG reading and receive guidance from a cardiologist at a distance.
The patient’s general practitioner would make the ECG measurement using CardioSecur, a mobile ECG system in which KPN Ventures recently invested. The cardiologist looks at the ECG and helps the GP make the correct diagnosis by remote assessment. By also entering into virtual consultation with the cardiologist, the GP is given additional opportunities to make the correct diagnosis.
The patient can therefore be diagnosed more quickly and does not have to go to the cardiologist for an ECG. The service will be offered by KPN subsidiary E-Zorg, a supplier of safe healthcare connections and remote diagnostics.   
GPs and practice assistants can receive training on location with explanations about the ECG, the software and communications with the cardiologist. The cardiologists are available 24 hours a day for seven days a week. As a result, a diagnosis can be given more quickly, which helps to ensure a more effective and better treatment process. In addition to assessments of ECGs, the general practitioner may also request the cardiologist assists remotely with diagnosis and treatment.
“As a leading Dutch ICT provider, we work together with healthcare institutions to digitise,” said Kees Donkervoort, director of KPN Health. “With smart and secure ICT we can improve the quality of care together with care institutions, keep the costs of care in check and, most importantly, give patients a better grip on their own health. The collaboration with Vital10 is a good example of how we can expand the possibilities of remote diagnostics with healthcare providers, resulting in quicker diagnoses and more convenience for patients and physicians.”
The combination of ICT and healthcare fits with the strategy and vision of Vital10. For KPN and Vital10, collaboration is a logical choice because both parties believe in the opportunities of digitisation to improve the quality of care for patients.
"Vital10's mission is to bring healthcare closer to the patient with the help of innovative technology or the doctor in your pocket," said Sabine Pinedo, medical director of Vital10. “KPN is a reliable partner, who can improve the care with knowledge of technology and communication and can take care of the safe exchange and storage of medical data. By working together more intensively in the coming years, KPN and Vital10 hope to bring even more innovations to the market.
The services will be available to all general practitioners in the Netherlands from the start of 2018.