Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Kore critical asset management uses Sony technology

Steve Rogerson
April 21, 2020

Kore has launched managed services for critical asset management using the Visilion asset tracking platform from Sony Network Communications, allowing companies in the medical instrumentation and pharmaceutical industries to maintain real-time condition visibility of critical and high-value goods.
The FDA is about to get more involved with the supply chain requirements for healthcare and life sciences, and companies need more active monitoring to provide visibility into supply chain activities. Until now, active management of these devices has been fragmented and expensive. This new service helps to solve this problem for healthcare and life sciences companies.
Georgia, USA, based Kore’s service introduces a new level of condition management, allowing companies in the medical instrumentation, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries to maintain real-time condition visibility of critical and high-value goods.
Kore is leveraging the IoT managed services expertise of recently acquired Integron to assist connected health and life sciences companies in the turnkey deployment of scalable asset management tools. It combines Sony’s trackers, easy-to-use platform, robust APIs capable of ERP integration and reporting tools with Kore’s project management, kitting, logistics, connectivity and device management services. The result is a seamless service that allows companies to deploy monitoring for critical and high-value assets.
“Passive monitoring has not been sufficient for the highly regulated nature of the connected health market and, up to this point, active monitoring has been too fragmented, complicated and costly,” said Bryan Lubel, EVP of IoT managed services at Kore. “With our experience in IoT deployments and connected devices, we’re simplifying the process for our customers, while improving their risk mitigation and operational efficiency.”
The Sony hardware provides low-energy IoT connectivity, and is equipped with cellular and satellite connectivity to support real-time GPS positioning, as well as monitoring of temperature, shock, acceleration and tilt.
“Our focus on delivering powerful and effective IoT is crystal clear,” said Romil Bahl, president and CEO of Kore. “With the Visilion platform, we are able to unlock the potential of critical asset management, a market that we anticipate will grow sharply in the coming months and years. We feel confident that Kore, supported by Sony’s technology, is better positioned than anyone else to deliver impacts that enable efficiencies in connected health and life sciences.”
The acquisition of Integron, an IoT managed services company, has helped Kore increase its footprint in the connected health, telehealth, life sciences and remote patient monitoring sectors of the healthcare industry. Integron manages the complexities of enterprise IoT by offering a set of services, technology and vendor relationships across the entire IoT landscape.