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Kore CEO Alex Brisbourne becomes chair of IMC

Steve Rogerson
January 15, 2015
Kore CEO Alex Brisbourne has been voted chairman of the International M2M Council (IMC), the largest and fastest-growing trade group serving the rapidly expanding IoT and M2M sector. Kore claims to be the world's largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) dedicated to providing wireless connectivity for M2M.
Brisbourne was selected for his experience building Kore into one of the pre-eminent independent providers of broad-based M2M services. He has been a leading voice in M2M for more than ten years, has been quoted in numerous publications and served as a presenter at leading wireless conferences.
"Alex is a pioneer in M2M and one of the most-recognised executives in our industry," said IMC executive director Keith Kreisher. “We look forward to his leadership as we continue to grow the IMC and deliver increasing value to M2M members around the globe.”
The IMC has skyrocketed to 5000 adopter members (associates), exceeding all expectations, with more than 300 new professionals joining each week. These M2M innovators from OEMs and enterprises gain access to a wealth of IMC content covering everything from actual case studies to business best-practices to industry news.  Members come from the energy, healthcare and logistics industries with recent growth fuelled by widespread M2M adoption in automotive telematics, building and construction, industrial internet, retail and smart city segments.
The IMC's member base spans the USA and Europe, with a rapidly growing population from Asian countries.
Brisbourne added: "The IMC serves a critical role in the M2M ecosystem. Never before has a group of M2M professionals spanning these disparate markets been assembled. I look forward to leading the IMC as we empower the growth of strategic M2M and IoT deployments."