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Kore lands M2M innovation award for eSIM

Steve Rogerson
January 8, 2020
US IoT firm Kore has won the M2M Innovation of the Year award in the fourth annual IoT Breakthrough Awards programme for its eSIM.
This year’s programme attracted more than 3700 nominations from companies all over the world.
“The Kore eSIM represents true industry breakthrough by offering global, future-proof IoT connectivity that goes beyond traditional eSIM offerings to deliver technology-agnostic network access worldwide,” said James Johnson, managing director at IoT Breakthrough. “Kore’s innovation stays ahead of the curve in the burgeoning IoT space and we look forward to what they will bring to the table in 2020 and beyond.”
Kore simplifies the complexity of IoT to offer a single eSIM that supports multiple carrier profiles and remote SIM provisioning, so users benefit from flexible, future-proof IoT connectivity. Features of the product include:

  • Embedded connectivity: Streamline an IoT ecosystem with one SIM that’s bundled with global coverage to meet the needs of virtually any application from day one.
  • Future-proof design: Deploy a single, rugged SIM that can last for the entire lifecycle of a device for easy upgrades and increased investment returns.
  • Device auto provisioning: Simplify operations with single SKU SIM cards that can be remotely and automatically provisioned to the optimal local network.
“Our focus throughout our eSIM journey has been developing a rich connectivity ecosystem, which is critical to leveraging eSIM technology,” said Marco Bijvelds, vice president of Kore. “But more than switching technology and partnerships, success in eSIM is about realising tangible business benefits and we are confident that Kore can best help customers understand how to use eSIM and add value with measurable results. The Kore eSIM is the next generation in SIM technology and we are proud to receive this 2020 IoT Breakthrough Award in recognition of our hard work and success with Kore eSIM.”