Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Kore and Cooltrax partner on cold chain operations

Steve Rogerson
August 16, 2017
Kore and Cooltrax are partnering to provide uninterrupted real-time cold chain management. The IoT infrastructure and real-time cold chain management companies aim to deliver seamless temperature reporting for fixed and mobile assets.
The goal is to pair Kore’s seamless network with Cooltrax’s cold chain management to provide real-time information for cold chain fleets, as well as fixed assets, allowing for less food waste and increased food safety. Along with the partnership, Kore is helping Cooltrax obtain AT&T LTE network certification.
Cooltrax’s products powered by the Kore network can track the location of refrigerated trailers and perishable products. They also monitor all performance aspects of refrigerator units, delivering independent temperature monitoring using combined telemetry and wireless technologies.
The products monitor the temperature in real time in cold storage warehouses, retail and food-service refrigeration units and other climate controlled facilities using wireless tags and readers. For cold chain fleets, as well as fixed assets, it’s imperative to have up-to-date information on temperature, location and functionality to avoid possible food safety issues and the loss of product due to spoiling.
“With the 2G sunset and eventual discontinuation of 3G, it’s imperative that our solutions operate at the highest level,” said Chris Hughes, president of Cooltrax. “Kore’s LTE offering enables us to deliver the service our customers demand. Kore has been an invaluable partner in enabling service provider certification for our solutions. Our customers need real-time information on temperatures, locations and overall cold chain asset visibility and performance and Kore allows us to provide that information seamlessly.”
Kore enables all Cooltrax products to deliver real-time business intelligence to supply chain managers through a single, web-based interface, round the clock, from anywhere in the world. The Cooltrax business intelligence platform allows for customised real-time and scheduled reporting on event-based conditions including geocode and fence activity, door opening activity, temperature monitoring point variations, and a variety of other events, allowing for constant control and overview of assets and environmental performance within the cold chain.
“Secure, managed connectivity is a critical element in cold chain management,” said Alex Brisbourne, CEO of Kore. “Our longstanding relationship with Cooltrax has focused on supporting their in-service business goals, which demand the long-term service assurance of LTE services provided by Kore over its global hub and helps provide critical solutions for cold chain businesses to ensure high standards and safe delivery to their customers.”
Founded in 2003, Kore has become a managed network services provider specialising in IoT and M2M communications. Cooltrax brings value and confidence to its customers by providing wireless temperature monitoring, GPS-based asset tracking and web-enabled business intelligence tools to manage and control the physical quality and informational integrity of cold chain operations.