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Scott Farms uses cloud traceability to track tobacco

Steve Rogerson
October 10, 2017

Scott Farms' tobacco operations in the USA have deployed a track-and-trace programme using technology from Norwegian company Kezzler.
Kezzler's cloud-based traceability platform enables real-time seed-to-sale traceability, shipment tracking and production analysis with low infrastructure needs, bypassing the complex requirements usually associated with track-and-trace programmes. It also allows for accurate documentation.
Located in North Carolina, Scott Farms is a six-generation family agriculture business and has been one of the cornerstone tobacco and sweet potato farms in the USA.
In the aftermath of the Fair & Equitable Tobacco Reform Act in 2004 and due to government buyouts, the number of tobacco farmers has been drastically reduced and hence the competition become fiercer. While Scott Farms has always been at the forefront of the tobacco farming community, the company saw this as an opportunity and believes it has once again taken a leadership position by embracing new and innovative technologies to provide real-time farm to sale transparency and improve operational efficiency and productivity.
Along with the modernisation of field production, the company is embracing technologies such as Kezzler's cloud platform to serialise tobacco bales.
"Our farming operation was built to offer the best and safest products to our customers," said Scott Farms president Sonny Scott. "For us to stay at the forefront, we have to innovate and invest in new technologies and strategies. Looking at our products and processes, traceability makes us safer and more efficient in the way we do business."
The tobacco industry has sought efficient routes to full value chain traceability, from sources of raw materials through finished product manufacturing and all the way to the consumer. This serves the internal needs of a company's safety management system with respect to supplier management, oversight of supply chain management, and the efficient conduct of potential rapid and targeted recall.
However, in an industry with tight margins, ensuring traceability and transparency without compromising on competitiveness is essential. Technology must support mass volumes at low cost and high speed, enabling communications between actors in real time while ensuring adaptability and low implementation burden.
"Our work with Scott Farms is another example of the power of our cloud platform" said Thomas Körmendi, CEO of Kezzler. “By using our digitalisation technology at the tobacco bale level, we are able to provide Scott Farms with innovative and cost-effective technology that significantly reduces their operational costs, keeps real-time track of yield and productivity, and improves their profit margins.”
Kezzler has offices in Norway, USA, India and the Netherlands.