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Kewill re-brands as Blujay, launches global trade network

William Payne
March 16, 2017

Supply chain software provider Kewill has re-branded itself and subsidiary LeanLogistics as BluJay Solutions. The company has also launched the BluJay Global Trade Network, designed as a new model of trade network to go beyond automation in leveraging the global supply chain ecosystem.

“Traditional supply chain solutions focused on optimisation from the point of view of an individual company. But as companies moved to more outsourcing and increasing reliance on global supply chain partners, the traditional software architecture has become increasingly less relevant,” said Steve Banker, Vice President, Supply Chain Management at ARC Advisory Group. “A modern global trade network model gives companies access to multiple delivery options and carrier choices so they can quickly seize new opportunities and enjoy friction-less and more efficient movement of goods across any border.”

With BluJay, organisations can easily manage goods and services across an integrated Global Trade Network; rapidly on-board services, carriers, customers and business units; and actively collaborate with trade participants to expedite trade logistics. BluJay captures all data streaming across the network, so that organisations can analyse and operationalise it to their advantage.

“It’s no longer just about multi-modal, omni-channel and booking tools – we’re moving toward a new era of business where global trade shifts to the forefront, and supply chain becomes today’s battleground,” said Doug Braun, CEO, BluJay Solutions. “BluJay delivers the expertise, breadth of cloud-based software applications, and end-to-end collaborative visibility that organisations need to make speed a competitive weapon, and optimise their future in the global economy.”

The new BluJay Solutions brand reflects the company’s unique ability to help customers achieve greater velocity of global trade and operate at the speed of business – even in the face of dynamic market forces and fluctuations in customer demand. With more than 40,000 carriers, shippers, forwarders, suppliers, and LSPs, the BluJay Global Trade Network is the largest in the world, creating a powerful network that delivers the benefits of universal connectivity among participants.

“Our customers’ success is the standard by which we measure our own,” added Braun. “The BluJay Global Trade Network exemplifies our commitment to equipping customers with the technology, services and connections they need to deliver exceptional service.”

In December, Kewill completed the integration of LeanLogistics, which it acquired in May 2016, bringing together supply chain execution and global trade management in one portfolio of logistics applications, analytics and services delivered through a multi-tenant cloud.