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Kerlink gateway suits LoRaWan deployment

Steve Rogerson
June 27, 2019

French IoT networking company Kerlink has launched a gateway for LoRaWan deployment and use. The Wirnet iStation delivers intuitive operational features and security safeguards for IoT vertical markets.
The Wirnet family delivers 4G backhaul connectivity and integrated internal antennas, and fulfils requirements for quick and easy outdoor LoRaWan IoT network deployments and management.
“Kerlink is well known as a leader in technical expertise and high-performance LoRaWan equipment,” said Jean-Philippe Balberde, Kerlink’s products marketing manager. “As the IoT market continues to mature, IoT vertical-market companies told us they want to take the next step: they expect global solutions that are quick to integrate, easy to deploy, secure, and straightforward to administer. The industrial-grade Wirnet iStation embodies the significant R&D resources Kerlink has invested to meet this legitimate demand.”
Combined with the company’s Wanesy management centre as a network management suite, this gateway performs end-to-end connectivity with remote management features that can allow users to increase return on their network investments.
The addition of 4G backhaul connectivity replaces 3G connectivity, which is inadequate in some situations and is being decommissioned in an increasing number of countries. 4G is also a popular choice for cellular backhaul for data transport to cloud-based applications. Integrated antennas reduce deployment costs by eliminating the need for additional antennas used as accessories, and they comply with right-to-use for each antenna on some deployment sites.
Designed for global LoRaWan deployments, Wirnet iStation supports ISM 868, 915 and 923MHz bands, and is certified by regulatory agencies in Europe (CE), USA (FCC), Canada (IC), South Korea (KC) and other countries.
Deployment and operational features include:

  • Eight LoRa channels RX (125kHz, multi-spreading factor) and one channel RX (250 or 500kHz, mono spreading factor) plus one channel RX (FSK) to get ten channel RX plus one channel TX, allowing up to 1.3 million messages transmitted per day.
  • Bidirectional communications with a range of more than 15km in suburban areas and more than 2km in urban areas.
  • IP67 light, metal casing offering protection and large operating range in demanding environments.
  • Mounting kit allowing simple and quick installation without opening the casing.
  • Flexibility and easy access for backhaul connectivity.
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbit/s (RJ45).
  • SIM card (mini-SIM format).
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) supply, DC supply (such as for solar panel use), with remote power control and alerting.
  • Programmable power and system-status LEDs controlled by software.
  • USB type C connector for debug probe.
  • Convenient and straightforward configuration, management, monitoring, control and update via Kerlink Wanesy management centre.
  • Remotely configurable and manageable via intuitive web GUI.
  • Remote access via secure shell (SSH).
  • Built-in high-rejection filters for co-localisation with other radio devices and enabling strong interference resistance for better data transmission and permanent high availability.
Security features also include software and hardware architectures such as prove and run SecureBoot and SecureStorage to manage certificates required for trusted communications through VPN backhaul, and to secure and protect applications running on devices.
“Leveraging our experience with the Wirnet Station, the Wirnet iStation was designed jointly with customers to meet their operational needs and to offer very intuitive configuration features,” Balberde said. “These features allow quicker deployment and safer installation, without any compromise on the technical possibilities and still allowing customers to use their own software in a secure environment.”
The addition to Kerlink’s gateway family capitalises on the strengths of the Wirnet Station introduced in 2014 and the first commercial LoRaWan gateway available worldwide. The Wirnet iStation incorporates critical features of the original product. These include helping mobile virtual network operators, cable operators, private businesses or public authorities boost their IoT business with reliable networks that can connect high volumes of end-devices, and continuously manage millions of bidirectional messages.
Kerlink provides end-to-end networking for the IoT, serving telecoms operators, businesses and public authorities worldwide. Based in Thorigne-Fouillard, France, with a US subsidiary in Chicago, Kerlink is a provider of LoRaWan equipment, software and services. Its suite of turnkey IoT services includes network planning, design and operational management.
In just over 11 years, more than 120,000 Kerlink installations have been deployed in more than 69 countries. The company is supplying more than 330 customers worldwide, including major telcos such as Tata Communications, and service providers such as GrDF and Suez. The company’s products are enabling deployments in Europe, south Asia, South America, Japan and Oceania.
A co-founder and board member of the LoRa Alliance, Kerlink has invested more than €16m in R&D over the past five years.