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KBC energy manager gives advice in real time

Steve Rogerson
August 7, 2019

KBC, a UK subsidiary of Japanese company Yokogawa, has introduced an energy management system that reduces energy costs by providing scheduling and optimal advice in real time.
The Visual Mesa Energy Management System (VM-EMS) 6.1 targets industrial facilities and allows for quick and accurate responses to changing process demand; it can automatically adapt to current operations. The VM-EMS pulls information from utility systems into one model, which is accessible through a web browser.
This release builds on KBC's record in real-time optimisation with capabilities for automated operations scheduling. Users can set up automatic runs at a daily or other predefined frequency. The system then automatically generates the optimal schedule without operator intervention, saving time and helping users to make timely and efficient decisions.
The system is web-based and mobile compliant. The user interface has a new look and is accessible on mobile devices. This allows operators to optimise and monitor energy cost and emissions on the go.
"Energy costs are a large part of industrial facility operations expenses," said Mike Aylott, KBC chief technology officer. "Environmental regulations for emissions constraints just compound the issue. Significant cost savings are possible by using an energy management system that monitors the site's energy usage in order to recommend lowest cost utility operation. Visual Mesa Energy Management System does just that."
KBC was acquired by Yokogawa Electric in 2016.