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Smart solar energy storage system suits connected home environment

Steve Rogerson
April 16, 2015
An 8.6kWh lithium-ion energy storage system for solar energy storage and smart home connectivity is available from California-based JuiceBox Energy. This takes the company into the rapidly growing residential energy storage market with a safe and reliable, web-connected product that can be installed on new and existing solar energy installations.
Distributed energy generation is at a crossroad in many locations as renewable energy net metering policies evolve, requiring customers to sell their excess solar energy to the grid at wholesale rates during the day and buy back energy in the evening at peak retail rates. This system is designed to extend the solar day by supporting self-consumption when rates are highest, saving users money on a daily basis. It provides value to both the customer and the utility by reducing peak power consumption and fluctuations on the grid. And when the grid goes down, the user can operate indefinitely in an off-grid mode with the solar and battery system providing power to the home’s critical loads.
“The JuiceBox system is an innovative new home energy storage and energy management system,” said Mark Byington, president of Cobalt Power Systems in California. “Cobalt Power has multiple JuiceBox installations in progress, and we are excited to be at the forefront of delivering intelligent grid-tied energy storage to our solar customers.”
The system is maintenance-free with a minimum ten-year life. The battery, system controller and web-interface are housed in a custom designed indoor and outdoor Nema 3R enclosure. The integrated product has a bi-directional inverter and charger to enable quick and simple installation while ensuring redundant safety controls and an extended operating life.
Designed for rapid wall-mounted installation, it communicates with web-based applications via a cellular connection for cloud-based monitor, control and remote firmware update. The connection lets the company help users keep up with evolving smart grid standards as well as tariff rate structures managed by utilities. And as an increasing number of systems come on line, users can visually see their system connected within the company’s energy network and elect to participate in future aggregated demand response markets.
JuiceBox is providing regular sales and installation training, and systems are available for order to certified installers upon completion of the training.
“Our Silicon Valley engineering team comprised of automotive electric vehicle and power semiconductor industry veterans is on a mission to deliver the highest quality, long lasting energy storage systems available,” said Neil Maguire, CEO at JuiceBox Energy. “The JuiceBox 8.6kWh system is a safe, reliable clean technology that puts the customer in charge of their renewable energy. We look forward to supporting solar installers and their customers nationwide with our new residential energy storage system.”