Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

JDA and MIT partner on IoT for supply chains

Steve Rogerson
March 13, 2018
JDA Software has started a multiyear collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) focused on joint research to create innovative capabilities within the supply chain using intelligent edge technologies such as machine learning, AI, IoT and analytics.
Arizona-based JDA will work closely with MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems & Society (IDSS), a research and innovation team led by MIT’s David Simchi-Levi, professor of engineering systems and supply chain expert, to develop ways to predict supply chain demand, increase cognitive responses and embrace the intelligent edge.
"I am very pleased JDA has entered in to a multiyear research collaboration with IDSS to develop sophisticated machine learning algorithms that may accelerate research in this area as well as JDA’s digital offerings,” said Simchi-Levi. “The collaboration will leverage multiple data sources and emphasise the combination of machine learning, optimisation and consumer behaviour modelling."
The research will be conducted in concert with JDA’s product development team as well as the JDA Labs team, a dedicated research and development group committed to delivering patentable innovations and new products to the market.
JDA and IDSS will create real world use cases to expand predictive demand, intelligent execution and supply chain and retail planning that will yield a unique, prescriptive supply chain. These use cases will explore data science algorithms for predictive behaviour and prescriptive cognitive optimisation that go a step further than current processes by not only taking into account past behaviour, but also determining the likely future behaviour based on countless demand signals. Tapping into the technological power within these algorithms should yield higher value for supply chains.
“It is more critical than ever to infuse innovation into every aspect of the supply chain, as edge technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence are essential to digitally transforming supply chains,” said Desikan Madhavanur, executive vice president and chief development officer of JDA. “This collaboration allows us to tap into the extraordinary mindshare at MIT to accelerate the research into more intelligent and cognitive capabilities moving forward. We are excited to be working on the future of supply chain with MIT to double-down on researching enhanced, innovative and value-driven supply chain solutions.”
JDA Labs and JDA’s product development teams have made progress towards the delivery of capabilities that have resulted in more than 400 patents granted and pending for the supply chain.
Simchi-Levi is the former co-director of Leaders for Global Operations at MIT. He is considered one of the premier thought leaders in supply chain management and business analytics. His research focuses on developing and implementing robust and efficient techniques for operations management. He has published widely in professional journals on both practical and theoretical aspects of supply chain and revenue management.