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JDA and Microsoft partner to enable autonomous supply chain

Steve Rogerson
August 8, 2018
JDA Software is partnering Microsoft to help deliver an autonomous supply chain through an infusion of intelligent cloud platform capabilities.
The Arizona company is building cognitive SaaS on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
This partnership advances JDA’s innovation initiatives along with its recent agreement to acquire Blue Yonder. Blue Yonder specialises in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for retail and supply chain. These announcements support JDA’s strategy to develop more cognitive and connected products to power digital transformations and create advantage for its customers.
“JDA’s supply chain solutions provide a faster response to demand signals from consumers, cognitive insights and intelligent decisions based on edge sensors,” said Girish Rishi, chief executive officer of JDA. “Microsoft Azure will fuel our on-going SaaS momentum as JDA applications deliver seamless customer experiences across cloud, on-premise and edge. Our strategic partnership with Microsoft accelerates JDA’s mission as the supply chain platform company, enabling our broad ecosystem of joint partners and developers to further leverage our AI and ML-based solutions.”
JDA is optimising the entire supply chain from end to end – from supplier to factory, transportation network to warehouse, store to consumer – through its offerings. Joining forces with Microsoft for go-to-market and the development of forthcoming SaaS on the Azure platform should reap a number of immediate benefits to JDA’s more than 4000 customers.
“Microsoft Azure is driving new levels of organisational productivity and intelligent data-driven experiences, making it the ideal platform to bring JDA’s vision of an autonomous supply chain to life,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft Cloud. “The powerful combination of JDA’s proven applications with Azure will empower customers to take advantage of real-time insights for smarter business decisions and profitable business growth.”
The partnership accelerates JDA’s SaaS roadmap including those services built on JDA Luminate cognitive, connected supply chain platform. JDA’s customers will be able to tap into Microsoft’s global footprint and global alliances network, while leveraging Azure’s compliance portfolio, embedded security, enterprise-grade service level agreements and support.
JDA and Microsoft will join forces in the market to drive digital transformations across key verticals such as retail, manufacturing and logistics with their combined portfolios. JDA’s supply chain and retail services complement Microsoft’s enterprise business applications and will now serve as the cornerstone to Microsoft’s supply chain practice.
JDA’s SaaS roadmap includes a first-of-its-kind digital control tower – Luminate Control Tower, a virtual decision centre that provides real-time, round-the-clock end-to-end visibility into global supply chains that will serve as the nerve centre of their operations and identify bottlenecks and propose resolutions before they occur. Using Azure as the development platform for Luminate Control Tower will accelerate its ability to deliver this key component of the autonomous supply chain.
“This partnership between established, trusted providers, uniting cloud services via Microsoft Azure, and supply chain via JDA addresses a gap in the supply chain ecosystem as cloud becomes a prerequisite for enterprises today as they embark on their digital supply chain transformations,” said Victoria Brown, research manager at IDC. “Cloud-based supply chain deployments account for only about 40 per cent of deployments today, and this new, trusted partnership could send that on an upward trajectory quite quickly.”