Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Japanese partnership leads to control of multiple sensors

Steve Rogerson
January 14, 2015
A platform that can manage multiple sensors and handle large amounts of data has resulted from a partnership between Tokyo-based internet and network services provider Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) and hardware and software development company Atmark Techno.
They have agreed to combine Yokohama-based Atmark's Armadillo-IoT gateway with IIJ's Libarms open source library to create a framework that uses IIJ's SACM service adaptor control manager platform to unify multiple sensors.
The SACM platform provides a framework to manage remote communications devices centrally. Libarms is an embedded software module that was developed for installing SACM management functions in devices. It is freely distributed as an open source library. Embedding Libarms into devices to be managed allows SACM to connect to devices automatically for comprehensive control.
SACM management can be used to manage devices centrally using a dedicated web interface, including remote monitoring and administration of Armadillo-IoT, collection of information on devices such as connecting sensors or controllers, and management and analysis of devices, all without users needing to develop their own management systems.
Armadillo-IoT is a Linux-based IoT gateway that connects over the internet to devices and equipment that are loaded with sensors. The technology allows users to add functionality using add-on modules, and is compatible with the latest low-energy wireless standards, such as Wi-Sun, EnOcean and Bluetooth Low Energy.
Founded in 1992, IIJ is one of Japan's leading internet-access and network providers for mainly high-end corporate customers. Its services include systems integration, cloud computing, data centre services, security services and internet access.