Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Itron RF module connects to LoRaWan and Sigfox

Steve Rogerson
April 7, 2020

Itron has launched an RF communications module in Emea that lets drive-by meters used by gas and water utilities connect to LoRaWan and Sigfox networks.
The Cyble 5 module for IoT data collection builds on Itron’s existing Cyble technology, with nearly ten million devices in the field. This latest module lets utilities take advantage of extended connectivity options to advance data collection and billing efficiency. 
The module, which transforms gas and water mechanical meters into connected data points, lets utilities use drive-by automated meter reading (AMR) and IoT data collection. It features out-of-the-box extended communication alternatives to help accelerate data collection, notably through fast drive-by capabilities, while also offering fixed network connectivity to LoRaWan and Sigfox networks.
Designed with customer feedback, Cyble 5 includes richer data sets that are said to help utilities meet operational requirements, better understand resources use and improve customer relationships.
“Agility and standards-based radio protocols are crucial to supporting digital transformation for utilities and cities,” said Justin Patrick, senior vice president at Itron. “Bringing extended communication alternatives and greater flexibility than previous generations, we firmly believe that this new Cyble module will further optimise data collection so utilities can better manage gas and water.”
Global Omnium, as a world reference in drinking water supply, sanitation, purification, irrigation, and construction and maintenance of hydraulic works with more than 700,000 smart meters managed, says it has always embraced the opportunity of technology that offers it the vision and mission of improving the service provided to its customers.
“With the aim of continuous improvement, we are currently testing the new Cyble 5, and looking forward not only to keeping the benefits provided by Cyble Everblu, but also adding the inherent benefits that IoT offers to municipalities and water companies,” said Juan José Pérez Palomar, chief operating officer at Global Omnium. “We have just started a test in the field, and it has been quite positive.”
The Cyble 5 communication module is available in France and throughout the Emea region. It is compatible with Itron’s Temetra cloud-based data collection platform.