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Italtel and Exprivia partner on home care telemedicine

Steve Rogerson
March 13, 2017
Italian telco Italtel is partnering with local company Exprivia to launch an advanced telemedicine service.
This will bring together Italtel’s DoctorLink open web platform with Exprivia’s eLifeCare to provide home care with the required infrastructure and services necessary for complete care management. The combined platform integrates remote monitoring, telemedicine and remote consultation, the monitoring and purchase of medical drugs, storage and analysis systems, and the recording of medical data.
DoctorLink uses WebRTC technology, IoT and contextual communications to provide real-time services to simplify the experience of outpatients and improve interaction between them and the hospital. Through this, operated on a smartphone or tablet, medical practitioners can monitor and manage patients in real time and put them in contact with doctors and specialists via remote video.
“The adoption of platforms supporting a new healthcare model based on care management, de-hospitalisation, remote consultation and secure access to personal medical data is key to modern and smart healthcare systems that put user satisfaction at their centre,” said Fiorenzo Piergiacomi, head of Italtel’s public sector account unit. “DoctorLink has an intuitive user experience and allows a new type of patient management through exchange of information and audio and video communications.”
The platform also allows doctors to record patients’ vital signs in real time and store records of current treatments, prescriptions and analysis to inform any changes in therapy. This allows the sharing of audio, video and text files as well as images that are necessary for the therapy.
"With a view to continuity of care between hospital and territory,” said Paolo Stofella, business development director at Exprivia Healthcare, “this enables not only the integration with the biometric sensors provided to patients in an IoT logic, but integrates the telepresence and the patients’ digital medical record that Exprivia offers on its eLifeCare platform, thus allowing healthcare professionals to evaluate the patient's state of health in consideration of the historical clinical situation.”