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ISO approves smart grid control technology standard

Steve Rogerson
December 21, 2016
The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has approved a standard that integrates control technologies into the grid to help facilities participate in smart grid networks.
The standard was developed by non-profit industry organisation Smart-Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) and its partners.
The Ansi, Ashrae and Nema Standard 201-2016 – Facility Smart Grid Information Model (FSGIM) – helps electrical energy consumers participate in smart grid networks.
The standard, published earlier this year by standards body Ashrae and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (Nema), provides a common basis for consumers to describe, manage and communicate about electrical energy consumptions and forecast. This basis facilitates information exchange between control systems and end-use devices, thereby supporting two-way flow of electricity.
Facilities such as single-family houses, commercial buildings and industrial buildings need that exchange to participate in smart grids.
The ISO TC 205 on building environment design unanimously approved the standard with a draft international standard ballot. Without any negative votes or comments to resolve, the standard will move directly to publication. The ISO will soon publish the standard as ISO 17800.
The development of the standard began in 2010, led by Steve Bushby, chair of the Standard 201P committee, and it became SGIP’s Priority Action Plan 17. Ansi approved the standard in early May 2016.
“For facilities to join smart grids, control systems need to manage those facilities’ loads and generation sources,” said Aaron Smallwood, vice president for technology at SGIP. “To make that a possibility, SGIP has worked with industry leaders to define the key information that needs to be shared between electricity providers and consumers, resulting in the FSGIM standard.”
SGIP, Ashrae and Nema anticipate the FSGIM to guide the development of other standards specific to control technologies.
SGIP is an industry consortium representing a cross-section of the energy ecosystem focusing on accelerating grid modernisation and the energy IoT through policy, education and promotion of interoperability and standards to empower customers and enable a sustainable energy future. Members include utilities, vendors, investment institutions, industry associations, regulators, government entities, national laboratories, services providers and universities.