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IRD expands weigh stations throughout state of Georgia

Steve Rogerson
January 14, 2015
Saskatchewan-based intelligent transportation system company International Road Dynamics (IRD) has won a US$8m contract for the design, supply, installation and integration of 19 mainline weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems at locations throughout the US state of Georgia.
As the technology supplier for the Design-Build team that was awarded the project, IRD will design and supply systems that include mainline WIM scales on the interstate, roadside and scale house electronics, licence plate reading, USDOT number reading and side view cameras, and over-height detection systems at 19 weigh stations.
The systems to be provided will complement and enhance the automated ramp weigh station facilities previously provided by IRD that are being operated by the Georgia Department of Transport. Each new system will be used to collect and transmit weigh-in-motion data to the Georgia Department of Transportation Traffic Management Center, Georgia Department of Public Safety/Motor Carrier Compliance and other entities throughout the state.
Construction is due to start this year at the truck weigh stations in Carroll County, Troup County, Douglas County and Catoosa County. Construction of the remaining weigh station sites is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. Following the construction phase, IRD will provide equipment warranty and maintenance services as required to keep all systems operational for five years.
“IRD is pleased to provide the Georgia Department of Transportation with state of the art weigh station and enterprise reporting solutions that will help the state ensure the efficient operation of commercial vehicle traffic thus allowing for sustainable and safe transportation growth,” said Terry Bergan, IRD’s president and CEO.
IRD is a highway traffic management technology company specialising in supplying products and systems to the global intelligent transportation systems industry. It is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, with sales and service offices throughout the USA and overseas.