Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Iotic and IET teach IoT security

Steve Rogerson
August 13, 2109

With increasing concerns about the security of the IoT, the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) Academy has teamed up with UK-based Iotic to develop and release a course to teach how to secure IoT networks.
The eight-module e-learning course provides an insight into the IoT, outlines the basics of cyber security and describes a framework to protect IoT assets. It also examines real-world examples of IoT deployments, provides IoT implementation guidance and examines how to build secure networks.
As enterprises move into finding ways to introduce interoperability across their organisations and the wider supply chain, the broader threat from insecure data acquisition devices cannot be ignored. The creation of a digital twin-based ecosystem enables IoT devices, and their virtual versions, to enhance the technology that companies already hold, rather than threatening them.
This is done by allowing the twins of assets, such as previously insecure IoT devices, to interoperate intelligently with one another within this ecosystem, to gain and share relevant data and information in an entirely secure way.
“With the rush to market with IoT products, too often the question of security and integrity is overlooked,” said Robin Brattel, CEO at Iotic. “Creating an interoperable ecosystem in which digital twins of assets and devices are able to communicate, means that rather than causing a threat to company security, IoT devices can now complement existing technology.”
The course has been authored by Adrian Davis, the lead for standards and partnerships at UK security firm Object Tech, working on global identity using blockchain, and editor for the International Standards Organisation and visiting professor at Sunderland University. Davis worked closely with Iotic in a report published in The Times earlier this year.
“The course is designed to help engineers looking to embrace the IoT to become more aware of the issues, so that IoT security is built in at the design phase and is not an afterthought,” said Brattel. “The IET Academy’s flexible online learning platform ensures that people can improve their knowledge of IoT security anytime, anywhere.”