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InTouch Health acquires TruClinic in telehealth merger

Steve Rogerson
January 16, 2018

California-based telehealth company InTouch Health has acquired TruClinic, a web-based telemedicine provider based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specialising in direct-to-consumer virtual care.
Through the acquisition, InTouch Health will expand its existing portfolio to deliver virtual care programmes to healthcare providers, enabling continuity of care between physicians and patients. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
"We are thrilled to welcome TruClinic to the InTouch Health family," said Joseph DeVivo, InTouch Health chief executive officer. “TruClinic is the perfect addition to the InTouch Health platform, which will soon offer health systems home-to-home virtual care. By bringing InTouch Health and TruClinic together – already two of the top-rated telehealth companies according to KLAS – we will reshape the way healthcare systems look at virtual care and ultimately the way they can interact with their patients. This acquisition puts InTouch Health firmly in a leadership position with a breadth of technologies and a network unrivalled by any other telehealth provider."
Historically, telehealth companies provide for only a segment of the patient care continuum. This has forced health providers to acquire and integrate services from multiple vendors, often creating interoperability problems for physicians to care for their patients as well as data management continuity difficulties.
InTouch Health will incorporate TruClinic's software into its offering such that patients can initiate and receive a consult with their health system physician from their home, further extending InTouch Health's unified telehealth across the continuum of care, and solving this frustrating problem for physicians. 
The combination from InTouch Health and TruClinic will empower health systems to provide virtual care using their own internal physicians or by leveraging InTouch Health's national network of contracted physicians if needed, offering healthcare systems a choice and full control in how they virtually care for patients.
"TruClinic is a configurable and modular telehealth software platform designed with the flexibility to be applied in any physician's office," said Justin Kahn, TruClinic founder and chief executive officer. “TruClinic allows healthcare providers to stand up a virtual clinic that conforms to their own unique workflows. TruClinic's software is easy to use, affordable and scalable, which allows our customers to use the technology to conform to any use case, workflow or subset of patients. We are thrilled to become part of InTouch Health to provide a comprehensive option to customers looking to expand into direct-to-consumer solutions."
TruClinic will be merged with InTouch Health and brought to market under the leadership of Steve Cashman, recently appointed EVP of marketing.
"TruClinic is commercially available and we look forward to working immediately with health systems to implement virtual clinics worldwide," Cashman said.