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Satellite communications boost for Papua New Guinea oil and gas company

Steve Rogerson
September 8, 2015
InterOil, an independent oil and gas business with operations dedicated to Papua New Guinea, is installing satellite communications and network services to provide connectivity across all its assets.
The installation will include containerised satellite data and voice communications units, network services, and mobile satellite systems. The technology comes from telecommunications service provider SpeedCast, headquartered in Hong Kong but listed on the Australian stock exchange.
SpeedCast will be providing connectivity for 12 locations, including base camps, construction sites and remote rig sites that require rapid mobilisation and demobilisation. It aims to expand the scope of its delivery beyond traditional satellite connectivity to include network services as well as mobile satellites.
“We are pleased to be significantly expanding our long-standing relationship with InterOil,” said Pierre-Jean Beylier, CEO of SpeedCast. “As the leading independent oil and gas company exploring in Papua New Guinea, InterOil is a key supplier of new sources of energy in Asia, which are sourced locally from Asia. The award of this latest contract, after a competitive tender process, is a testament to SpeedCast's ability to deliver highly reliable services to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers in the energy sector and further confirms our strong leadership in the Asia-Pacific region.” 
Services will use C-band, Ku-band and L-band frequencies to meet the specific requirements of InterOil. The company will use the network to connect field locations for data and voice related IM services. The addition of primary and secondary satellite connections is expected to provide greater availability while the containerised rig site and construction site system should increase portability.
“Our wide range of managed communications and IT solutions, combined with our strong local presence on the ground in key countries for our energy customers, are at the heart of SpeedCast's accelerating success servicing oil and gas customers around the world,” said Keith Johnson, SVP of energy at SpeedCast. “In Papua New Guinea, as an example, our infrastructure including a teleport and wireless networks, as well as our local field engineering presence, are unique in the satellite sector and enable us to provide unmatched levels of services and support.”
The announcement closely follows SpeedCast’s acquisition of Hermes Datacomms, Geolink Satellite Services and select NewSat assets this year, which have enhanced the company’s products and services tailored for the energy sector.
It provides managed networks services in more than 60 countries, and has a global maritime network serving customers worldwide.