Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Asset tracker monitors temperature and motion

Steve Rogerson
October 25, 2016

Inventory control and asset tracking software company IntelliTrack launched a real-time locating system (RTLS) with built-in temperature and motion detection notifications at this month’s Barcoding Executive Forum in Baltimore.
The Maryland, USA, company has integrated its StratusAssets cloud-based asset tracking software with Bluetooth Low Energy asset beacons and cloud nodes to develop one system that provides real-time visibility of the location of critical assets or inventory.
This is suitable for warehouse distribution centres, hospitals, colleges and universities, law enforcement and public safety departments, and other businesses looking to track and monitor physical assets. By setting up instant mobile notifications or logging into the secure and encrypted StratusAssets application, users can visually see where assets are located, when assets move, and if they move at the wrong time or are moved by the wrong owner or personnel.
“There is nothing else out there on the market that has built-in capabilities to pinpoint the presence and motion of the asset, and its temperature and the specific person moving it,” said Noel McKeon, business development manager of IntelliTrack. “This will provide a big value to customers with projects that require real-time tracking of their assets and will enable them to make better use of their equipment.”
Without this RTLS asset tracker, companies may rely on static logs that are only updated manually either monthly, quarterly or annually. This turnkey system, which includes beacons, readers, apps and cloud software, allows for rapid deployment. The asset beacons can be read by most iOS and Android smartphones and mobile computers, extending asset tracking capabilities across the entire enterprise.

The application lets users:

  • Identify location and temperature of hundreds of assets in a few seconds;
  • Reference detailed logs of when and who moved assets;
  • Reduce the time spent looking for assets;
  • Gain full visibility of assets’ lifecycles;
  • Increase accuracy of inventory counts; and
  • Reduce asset loss.
IntelliTrack believes the technology, long-range capabilities and expected performance in challenging environments – such as through metal and water – open up the ability for it to be used in multiple facets and applications. It is available through a subscription-based pricing model.