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Insulin Angel helps diabetics keep insulin at safe temperature

Steve Rogerson
April 15, 2015
Insulin Angel, a temperature and proximity tracking device designed by Dutch company Pilotfish, is claimed to be the first product that addresses the challenges of keeping insulin at a safe temperature and not losing or forgetting the medication or the kit.
Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that affects more than 380 million people worldwide. Its impact on global healthcare spending is immense: it is estimated that one in nine dollars of healthcare spending is spent on diabetes. Many innovations such as pumps, pens and blood glucose-monitors make life with diabetes much easier than it used to be, but there are still countless daily challenges people with diabetes have to cope with.
The Insulin Angel temperature and proximity medication tracker consists of a small device connected to a phone application via Bluetooth Low Energy. The device is placed with the medical kit, together with the medication and glucose-monitoring device, and tracks the ambient temperature. The user is notified by the app when temperature approaches a critical level or when it exceeds it. It can also be kept with the stock of insulin in the fridge and alerts if storage conditions change in absence of the user, for example if the fridge is broken and stops cooling, or if it malfunctions and gets below freezing point.
The user can know with certainty the storage conditions of the medication and act accordingly, either to protect it or dispose off if it is too late. It helps people reduce the amount of wasted medication because of doubt, and the risk of taking ineffective or spoiled medication.
Insulin Angel is useful not just to diabetics but to every person with a medical condition who relies on vital medication or equipment. The initial release will also support some asthma and rheumatism medications.
Marc Nagel, Pilotfish co-founder and the father of a child with type one diabetes, lead the product design and manufacturing of Insulin Angel. Sharing a personal and experience in dealing with this disease, Steve Miller (father of a type one diabetic child), Amin Zayani (type one diabetic) and Nagel were inspired to create a solution to a real problem that had not been addressed before.
Insulin Angel is now live on Indiegogo to raise enough funds to go to manufacture.