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Infineon and Lanner partner to secure IoT platforms

Steve Rogerson
October 10, 2019

German electronics company Infineon is working with Taiwan-based Lanner Electronics to add trusted platform modules (TPMs) to embedded IoT computing and network platforms.
Lanner, a manufacturer of network appliances and IoT platforms, has joined the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN) so it can use its Optiga TPMs for its platforms.
As a preferred security partner from ISPN, Lanner helps users secure their connected devices and applications with embedded security offerings through two approaches – built onboard or module by option.
With the Optiga TPM from Infineon, Lanner can enhance its hardware-based security of its network appliances and embedded computing systems. The Optiga TPM 2.0 in Lanner's platforms protects the integrity and authenticity of network appliances and embedded devices. With the hardware-based security, critical data are secured. Lanner also adopts industrial-grade Optiga TPM for its wide-temperature products.
"Security remains the top concern for organisations adopting IoT technology in their mission-critical applications," said Lanner vice president Geoffrey Egger. "As leading provider of hardware-based security, Infineon provides our embedded systems with a powerful root of trust. With a long-experienced and well-established customisation service, Lanner helps customers accelerate their time-to-market offering by implementing turnkey components in our products. Now that Lanner is a preferred security partner of Infineon, we can offer our customers with more advanced and hardware-based security."
Lanner is a hardware provider dedicated to building customisable network security appliances and industrial IoT platforms.
"Our partnership with Lanner will give customers an easy way to address the need for a dedicated hardware-based trust anchor by incorporating Optiga TPM into their platforms," said Juergen Rebel, vice president at Infineon Technologies. “This advanced technology will prepare customers for the many cyber attacks encountered in the world today and in the future.”
Lanner Electronics has a workforce of over 900 worldwide. Its headquarters are in Taipei, and it has subsidiaries in the USA, Canada and China.
Infineon Technologies in 2018 reported sales of €7.6bn with about 40,100 employees worldwide.