Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

InfiNet to break spectral efficiency record at Gitex

Steve Rogerson
October 9, 2018

Malta-based InfiNet Wireless will introduce its claimed record-breaking spectral efficiency product for IoT applications at next week’s Gitex technology show in Dubai.
Addressing the increase in IoT applications and the rising number of connected devices requiring more reliable bandwidth, InfiNet's 5GHz point-to-point (PTP) Quanta 5 has been designed to offer higher spectral efficiency.
Overcoming problems such as eliminating interference in noisy radio environments and delivering more Mbit/s in less radio spectrum, the Quanta 5 can operate in sub-zero temperatures as well as extremely hot conditions, ensuring at all times that data are transmitted reliably and delivered across large distances.
On display at Gitex, the product is based on the software defined radio (SDR) technology designed by InfiNet and is suitable for the transmission of high-resolution video streams, the provision of internet and intranet access, and for backhauling all types of traffic whether generated by a wifi access point or a service provider's 4G LTE basestation.
“We’re already deploying IoT solutions in both industrial and consumic markets worldwide, as well as relieving many bottlenecks caused by a huge surge in demand for fast, high-quality mobile data connectivity,” said Kamal Mokrani, global vice president at InfiNet Wireless. “All these new and extra gadgets, devices and applications adopted by consumers and businesses alike are simply of no use to anyone without the behind-the-scenes infrastructure to provide them with the desired connectivity. This is where we come in.
“Based on valuable feedback we gathered from our customers across the globe, we have identified a niche for a cost-effective and high-capacity PTP solution to operate in licence-exempt frequency bands. People should no longer have to make compromises between data quality, speed and cost. Leveraging our advanced SDR wireless breakthroughs, we are now able to deliver a range of carrier-grade and even quicker to deploy and install solutions, like the Quanta 5.”
The Quanta 5 is suitable for any service provider considering the launch of applications and services aimed at catering for current and future 5G and IoT requirements. An all-in-one package to enable operators of all sizes to deliver high-capacity premium services to their corporate clients, to interconnect their network nodes wherever they are located, or simply to provide internet connectivity to end users, it can also be deployed as part of a wide area network to connect remote locations to the main control and operations centres.
“With the launch of Quanta 5, and many other innovative solutions which we will be launching very soon, we are pushing the industry to its limits and can now offer an even more unique and stronger value proposition for our customers and partners,” said Mokrani. “My team and I look forward to sharing our expertise and discussing our latest innovations and success stories from around the world with visitors at Gitex.”
Other products on display at Gitex will include the latest InfiLink XG product family. Available in more frequency bands, it is suitable for unlicensed and licensed backhauling in multiple bands such as 2 and 3GHz for legacy wifi and Wimax replacements, or 4 and 6GHz, which are licensed frequencies depending on specific countries.
Building on these capabilities, the InfiLink XG 1000 doubles the capacity of the previous XG platform up to 1Gbit/s. By supporting two non-adjacent 40MHz channels instead of a single 80MHz channel, the XG 1000 can provide connectivity over distances in excess of 60km.
Since its foundation in 1993, InfiNet has maintained organic growth. With more than 600,000 deployments in 130 countries, from the plains of Siberia to the deserts of the Sahara, InfiNet Wireless is active in market segments that deliver broadband wireless access to telcos and service providers, government entities, transportation sector, and oil and gas.