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InfiNet wirelessly connects Columbian oilfields

Steve Rogerson
March 1, 2017
Fixed broadband wireless connectivity company InfiNet Wireless has provided a cost-effective way to improve connectivity for Axure Technologies’ network across many oil fields in Colombia.
Axure, a Colombian company, provides telecommunications and services to more than 85 per cent of the petroleum industry in eastern Colombia. It approached Royal Telecom, an established supplier of fixed wireless services, to help it identify, select and deploy a future-proof and reliable wireless platform for all its oil fields.
Royal Telecom designed a wireless network based on the InfiNet Wireless portfolio and offered a small-scale trial infrastructure to demonstrate potential cost efficiencies to be gained.
"The technology delivered by InfiNet Wireless and its local partner has been fundamental to our business in terms of improving our own brand, allowing us to access in real time all the different mobile integrated communications units (MICUs) in the field and ultimately better manage our assets and those of our customers," said Juana Patricia Martínez, strategy manager at Axure Technologies. "We are very satisfied with the solutions implemented and we plan to grow together with the help of InfiNet Wireless, our key technology partner."
The system that was deployed consisted of a combination of InfiLink 2x2 and the InfiMan 2x2 product families. It was deployed for three of the largest oil fields companies in Colombia and enabled them to connect their main sites with all their deep-water drilling locations.
This platform was based on dozens of 19dBi subscriber terminals and multiple InfiLink 2x2 links fitted with 21dBi antennas, allowing full access to all the remote exploration facilities and field sensors. It also offered a greater network stability compared with the previous satellite-based infrastructure.
The easy setup of the network also let Axure migrate all its existing customers to the platform effortlessly and provide them with additional services such as video conferencing.
“Axure needed a solution that was both flexible in terms of geographical coverage and one which could be easily scalable to cater for future expansions as and when required, and we were happy to be able to provide exactly that for them,” said Kamal Mokrani, global vice president at Malta-based InfiNet Wireless. “The solution provided by InfiNet Wireless, along with the increased bandwidth and reliability, allowed Axure Technologies to significantly reduce its operational costs and those of its own customers, while at the same time deliver brand new services to all the remote sites.”
Axure now has a wireless infrastructure to support and grow its exploration facilities, most of which are located several kilometres away.
InfiNet Wireless is one of the largest privately owned broadband wireless access development and manufacturing companies. With more than 500,000 deployments from the plains of Siberia to the deserts of the Sahara, it is active in market segments that deliver broadband wireless access to service providers of all types, government entities, transportation sector, and oil and gas.