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Indian hospital provides telemedicine to Afghanistan

Steve Rogerson
April 28, 2015
Telemedicine services are being introduced at three hospitals in Afghanistan – the Kabul-based Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital, Isteqlal Hospital and Khair Khana Hospital. Consultancy services will be provided by Delhi-based BLK Super Speciality Hospital.
This follows a pact between BLK and the Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), which it is hoped will pave the way for smoother access to patients of healthcare facilities. The hospital shall also provide assistance to the ministry in areas of capacity building of its health professionals, telemedicine, medical tourism and public-private partnerships enabling the MoPH to provide tertiary healthcare services to the people of Afghanistan.
The MoU was signed by the Public Health Ministry's director general of international relations Jawad Osmani and the hospital's director of operations and planning Mradul Kaushik.
A delegation of four headed by Afghanistan's public health minister Ferozudin Feroz, while on a visit to India for a SAARC health conference, met the management team of BLK Super Speciality Hospital. In March, a team from BLK led by director Naresh Kapoor and cardiac surgeon Ajay Kaul visited Afghanistan and met the health minister and the process was initiated.
"We are pleased to get into this agreement with the government of Afghanistan,” said Kaushik. “We are certain that our state-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with a pool of highly talented doctors shall be able to strengthen the Ministry of Public Health towards ensuring robust healthcare services for the people,"
BLK will provide consultation in different specialities at the three hospitals through teleconferencing.
"We look forward to a mutually rewarding and enduring relationship with BLK Super Speciality Hospital,” said
Additionally, BLK will offer a residency training programme for Afghan medical personnel in the areas of cardiology, oncology, pathology brain surgery, surgical gastroenterology and liver transplant at its premises in India subject to the rules and provisions prescribed by Medical Council of India and other authorities. The hospital shall explore possibilities for follow-up training and capacity building activities, where feasible, as part of technical cooperation.
BLK will also provide training to the managers, doctors and allied health staff working on different projects to inculcate knowledge that is necessary to manage successfully the projects of the MoPH.