Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Clinical trial for smoking cessation wearables

William Payne
November 1, 2018

Behaviour modification smart wearables developer, iMorph Smart Technologies, is readying the company's smoking cessation wearable product, CigFree smartBand, for a clinical trial to demonstrate the product's efficacy in helping users quit smoking.  Boca Raton, Florida, based iMorph develops wearable smart technology to automate self-help psychology to stop or reduce undesirable negative personal behaviours.  The CigFree smartBand is the company's flagship product.

Adrian Vargas, CEO, said, "The smoking cessation market in the US is reaching $7 billion annually.  There are 38 million cigarette smokers in America.  40% will attempt to stop each year.  7% succeed of which, half relapse.  Current solutions include: expensive drugs that block neuroreceptors to wean smokers off cigarettes; Ingesting nicotine as a replacement therapy that is costly and generally ongoing; and Vaping e-cigarettes to replace cigarette smoking.  Reports show vaping is causing other health problems, and are a costly undertaking.  Smoking is one of the biggest killers.  Approximately $170 billion and $150 million is spent annually on related health problems and lost productivity respectively."

Younis Zubchevich, COO, said, "We have configured CigFree, our first-generation smart wearable device prototype to detect the act of smoking in real time. We've paired our smartBand with our Phone App, and enable smokers to record, in their own voice, a series of affirmations regarding personal health choices. When CigFree detects the act of smoking, it signals the App to notify smokers to listen to their pre-recorded messages while smoking, ensuring CigFree's self-help solution is delivered exactly the time it is needed. Other solutions and Apps require full attention to implement. CigFree is seamless, automated for ease of use and never forgets to remind smokers. Affirmations have been successfully used by people for centuries to achieve specific personal goals."

"iMorph, with two Credentialed investigators, will conduct an IRB approved 30-day open-label design study to assess the extent to which use of CigFree leads to a significantly greater cessation or reduction of smoking. Efficacy will be based on daily reports of cigarette usage and researchers' findings of baseline-ending changes in blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulmonary functioning typically found among people who have stopped smoking, said Mr Zubchevich.