Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

IMC survey highlights hurdles to IoT deployment

Steve Rogerson
April 17, 2019
Lack of funding, interoperability and business models remain the top three hurdles to deploying IoT technology, according to the latest quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index from the IoT M2M Council (IMC). However, for the first time, security eclipsed them as a concern among apps developers.
While technology providers have been concerned about security for some time, that level of concern has lagged among IoT buyers, according to IMC research. This could be changing.
“One survey could certainly be an outlier, but perhaps this is changing,” said Keith Kreisher, IMC executive director.
One of the most consistent aspect of the survey is that the vast majority of IoT deployments, roughly 70%, are under 10,000 devices. In fact, roughly half are under 1000 devices, and that is true for enterprise users, OEMs and apps developers.
The first kinds of vendor secured in most deployments are systems integrators (SIs), and this is especially true for enterprise users. OEMs and apps developers are more inclined to look elsewhere, including to device manufacturers but, overall, SIs remain first choice.

IMC research has quantitatively confirmed that certain personas among IoT buyers are statistically valid. These include enterprise users, OEMs and apps developers.
Cellular and short range connectivity occupy roughly 30% of the market each, and wireline connections roughly 20% of the market, while the remainder of the market is split between specialty connectivity provided by satellite and LPWA.
“It seems pretty clear that connectivity choices among IoT adopters have begun to find their places,” said Kreisher.
More than 80% of all buyers surveyed will take six months or longer to deploy their IoT products and services. This is especially true among manufacturers, where half of respondents expect deployment to take longer than 18 months.
With more than 25,000 enterprise users and OEMs that buy IoT products and services as members, the IMC is the largest trade group dedicated to the global IoT and M2M sector. Board member companies include 1NCE, Aeris, Amazon Web Services, Avnet, BICS, Digi International, HPE, Intel, Kore, Micro-Ant, MultiTech, Orbcomm, Pod Group, PTC, Semtech, Sigfox, Tata Communications, Telit, U-Blox, Verizon and Vodafone.