Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: What is the mission of the IMC, and how will it achieve this mission?

  A. The IMC is the largest and fastest-growing trade organisation in the IoT/M2M sector, with over 20,000 OEMs, enterprise users, and apps developers as members, and an average of 300 new members joining weekly. The IMC brings a new approach – it will increase deployments of IoT/M2M solutions by proving the business case of the technology to those that would adopter it. It will stand for connectivity as its own global industry, and will not see IoT/M2M technology through the narrow lens of technical standards or a single vertical industry.

The IMC will support industry efforts to increase deployment volumes by offering members services that connect Solutions Providers with Adopters of IoT/M2M technology and meeting their evolving needs.

Awareness: promote powerful use-cases for IoT/M2M technology in industries like automotive, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, public infrastructure, retail, and more – making the benefits of connectivity highly visible to Adopters.

Research: learn more about the demographics and needs of Adopters that deploy connectivity – in functions as diverse as operations, IT, and product design – and in doing so, how best to address those needs.

Thought Leadership: provide platforms for IMC Sustaining Members to set the group agenda, communicate that agenda to a broad audience, create better channel relationships, and rightfully claim a position of industry leadership.

Policy: communicate consensus views about important issues, such as privacy and security in the IoT/M2M sector, with governments and other industry groups as those views pertain to regulations and standards./p>

  Q: How is the IMC different from other IoT/M2M industry groups?

  A. Business Emphasis: IoT/M2M deployments integrate multiple technologies, many of which are already well developed and standardized. Thus, while technical standards are important, the IMC will present the business case for deployments and facilitate the operational integration of these multiple technologies.

 Technology Coverage: IoT/M2M utilizes many connectivity technologies, including cellular, satellite, NFC, and wireline, and the IMC includes vendors from all of these segments.

 Vertical Market Coverage: IoT/M2M applications are deployed in many different verticals, and the IMC will build awareness of IoT/M2M solutions in all of them.

 Global Footprint: IoT/M2M is a global industry, and the IMC, based in London, will have members that come from all regions.

 It’s important to note that the IMC will leverage the efforts of existing industry groups by working with them –partnership and coordination with existing associations will be an important function – building bridges between IoT/M2M and otherwise distant islands such as logistics and telehealth.

  Q: What benefits does the IMC provide to Adopters of IoT/M2M technology?

  A. It is central to the mission of the IMC that the organisation brings together IoT/M2M Adopters and Solutions Providers. Program areas that will benefit Adopters directly include…

 Business Metrics & Best Practices: IMC research drawn from Adopters, (securely and presented in aggregate only), will provide benchmarks on deployments, reducing risk and easing investment.

 Collaborative Environment: IMC will provide a consultative environment where Adopters and Solutions Providers can share input on high-level development and integration requirements, resulting in better products, easier integration, and lower costs.

 United Advocacy: the IMC will provide a united voice for Adopters and Solutions Providers in coming regulatory dialogue on privacy, security, and more.

 Information: IMC will develop easy access to education, events, and media products that keep Adopters informed about IoT/M2M technologies and services.

 It is important to note that plans call for establishing one or more special membership levels (and fees) for Adopters – this plan is subject to Board approval.

  Q: What benefits does the IMC provide to Solutions Providers of    IoT/M2M technology?

  A. The Founding Members of the IMC are leading Solutions Providers to the IoT/M2M industry. IMC benefits for our Founding Members and all future  Solutions Providers include:

 1) Awareness: the IMC will provide large-scale IoT/M2M solution promotion that most members would not be able to undertake on their own–

          a) Broad awareness campaigns in vertical markets to increase industry visibility.

          b) Targeted marketing through a qualified list of purchasers, engineers, and managers from the Adopter community.

 2) Collaborative Environment: under the IMC tent, direct collaboration with Adopters on best practices and business standards, leading to optimized product development and marketing.

 3) Business Metrics & Best Practices: IMC benchmarking studies based on Adopter data will provide intelligence on business metrics that pave the way for volume deployments.

 4) United Advocacy: A united voice with Adopter communities for coming regulatory dialogue on privacy, security, and more.

  Q: How will the IMC function as a group?

  A. IMC policy is developed and set by the organisation’s Board of Governors. The Board is elected by the Members. There is a Managing Member  (Horizon House) which provides working staff and is charged with implementing the decisions of the Board, budgeting, and other reporting, and generally handling the day-to-day business of the IMC. The Board will form committees regarding key target areas of operation, such as Business Standards,  Finance, and Government Relations, which will in turn report back to the Board. At least one Annual General Meeting of the Members and the Board will be held. As Managing Member, HH will make every effort will be made to most efficiently manage the time and resources required on the part of the  Board and Member of the IMC.