Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

IMC and ECHA cooperate on promoting telehealth technology

Steve Rogerson
February 4, 2015
The European Connected Health Alliance and the International M2M Council have agreed to cooperate to promote the use of technology for telehealth and connected wellness. The joint promotional agreement calls for the two groups to communicate activities among each others’ membership base, share public platforms and offer bilateral strategic direction.
“Our practice has been to set up local, connected ecosystems around the world that bring together healthcare providers, technology suppliers and other vested parties to actually accomplish specific projects that will provide healthcare more effectively,” said ECH Alliance chair Brian O’Connor. “Working with the IMC – the largest and fast-growing group in the IoT sector – will allow us to illustrate these real-life examples of connected healthcare to a whole new audience.”
ECH Alliance members include Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Alere, Care Innovations, Boehringer Ingelheim and Hitachi, while IMC sustaining members include Amdocs, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and Verizon.
“The mission of the IMC is to prove the business case for IoT, and we are gaining 300 new members weekly in vertical markets like healthcare that want to learn more about how connectivity can help,” said Alex Brisbourne, IMC chair and CEO of Kore Wireless. “We must speak to healthcare professionals in their own language, and as a group of M2M solutions providers, I can’t think of a better way for us to gain domain expertise in healthcare than to interact with the ECH Alliance.”
The ECH Alliance and the IMC will both participate in next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the former with its Health & Wellness vertical programme, and the latter with an announcement of its survey of 5000 adopter members that deploy IoT technology.
The London-based IMC is the largest and fastest-growing trade group dedicated to the global IoT and M2M sector. The ECH Alliance is based in Belfast, and brings together commercial, academic and healthcare stakeholders, and facilitates focused leadership for the development of connected health markets across Europe and beyond.