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The International Journal of IoT Law & Public Policy (IJILPP) is the only known, quarterly repository for all forms of government action - including legislation, policy initiatives, case law, and regulatory action - that directly affect the nascent technology sector called the Internet of Things. Brought to you by the largest and fastest-growing trade group serving the IoT sector, the IoT M2M Council, hot-button topics to be covered in JILPP will include...

  • Government industrial programmes like Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025
  • Transportation, trucking, and logistics
  • Driver-less/connected cars, including insurance law/regs
  • Smart Cities and municipal programmes
  • Energy, Utilities, and related grid-type infrastructure
  • Healthcare, including data security and liabilities

Subscribers get two researched articles quarterly on critical IoT policy issues, plus separate compendia of public-domain information regarding IoT government action in the developed world, highlights from the rest of the world, plus featured government initiatives that indirectly affect vertical markets crucial to the IoT sector. Distribution of JILPP is via email only, but past articles will be available online for subscribers' reference.

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