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Idrive and Podsystem partner to cut accidents in fleets

Steve Rogerson
February 14, 2017

Idrive, a California company specialising in HD video devices for fleet monitoring, and UK connectivity firm Podsystem M2M have agreed to incorporate multi-network connectivity into Idrive’s dual video fleet monitoring devices.
“One of the biggest concerns for fleet managers is reducing road accidents among their drivers,” said Sean O’Neil, CEO of Idrive. “Idrive’s solution has been designed to accurately record events leading up to and during a collision, helping the fleet manager to understand the causes of the accident and use the footage to train other drivers, which has been proven to reduce traffic accidents by 50 per cent or more, according to research performed by the US Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration.”
The Idrive X2 is a dual event video recorder that records two HD videos simultaneously. Fitted with ultra-wide lenses, this tiny camera can capture events in front of and to the rear of the vehicle, even in the dark and with accompanying audio.
Constant data connectivity is essential to provide continued access to the vehicle’s video recorder. When combined with the 3G module using Podsystem M2M’s multi-network data SIM cards, the cameras provide a real-time look-in to the vehicle, meaning users can monitor and observe their entire fleet at any one time.
At the click of a button, live images from inside any selected vehicle can be seen remotely from any device.  In mission critical environments such as this, the resilience of the connectivity is vital. At the time of an accident, vehicles can be located in remote areas with patchy network coverage or roaming across borders.
Using multi-network SIMs that automatically swap between networks if the signal is lost is an essential feature. 
“Working with Podsystem allows us to have a SIM solution providing us with excellent global coverage for all of our customers worldwide,” said Kelli Cosio of Idrive Global. “We chose Podsystem as our provider because of the ease of use and competitive pricing and we have received excellent service and support.” 
Sam Colley, CEO of Podsystem, added: “For applications such as Idrive’s X2, resilient global connectivity and excellent data rates are key to ensuring a first class solution. We are pleased to be helping Idrive to expand internationally.”