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Identiv temperature tracker debuts at Arizona show

Steve Rogerson
May 23, 2017
Identiv introduced the next generation of its uTrust Sense temperature tracker during this month’s RFID Journal Live event in Arizona. The end-to-end system includes a low-cost, secure, portable smart sensor label that tracks and stores temperature readings, can be read locally by near field communications readers, including mobile devices, and can be uploaded to the internet for analysis.
The self-adhesive data logger is suitable for monitoring and tracking virtually any temperature-sensitive product for cold chain applications, smart packaging, medical products and pharmaceutical logistics, and other fragile goods. The precise temperature accuracy of the tag means it can be used with perishable goods, including fresh fish, caviar, wine, blood, vaccines and flowers, protecting product and brand integrity while reducing costs.
It addresses the needs of businesses requiring temperature control during air, insulated van or refrigerated container transportation. The tracker is secured by a cryptographic algorithm to protect the integrity of each temperature measurement and the record transmission to the cloud platform is secured to prevent unauthorised entities from altering measurements.
“Identiv’s uTrust Sense temperature tracker is unrivalled in addressing the growing challenges in the IoT concerning data integrity and originality,” said Stephane Ardiley, director of product management at California-based Identiv. “This intelligent tracking device delivers an effective and secure end-to-end solution for tracking the temperature of any goods.”