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iCarbonX launches Meum platform

William Payne
January 18, 2017
The Digital Life Alliance has launched a digital health management platform built by iCarbonX and partners including SomaLogic and HealthTell. The Meum platform is designed to provide personalised or individualised medicine based on clinical big data analytics.

In a related announcement, Boulder, Colorado based medical informatics firm SomaLogic has announced that it has joined the Digital Life Alliance founded by Shenzhen, China based firm iCarbonX in 2015.

Meum is designed to be a digital health platform that can capture and analyse clinically each person’s ‘digital life’ based on a combination of individual’s biological, behavioural and psychological data, the Internet and artificial intelligence. The platform integrates clinical data modules and medical analytics functions.

The Meum™ platform is supported by a performant big data biological database comprise over ten dimensions of bioinformatic data, combining genetics, molecular profile, phenotype and behaviour data and other indexes as well as their time serial interactions. The biolgical data points held by the Meum platform equal over 10 to the power of 9 (10^9).

The Meum platform includes knowledge discovery and feedback, allowing itself to discover new knowledge and better assist users.

SomaLogic and HealthTell are contributing proprietary technologies for proteomics and immunomics sequencing respectively in the upstream part of digital life ecosystem, performing high-throughput 'omics' detection as well as auxiliary diagnosis through custom chips.

iCarbonX and SomaLogic are also establishing a joint venture in China to provide the SOMAscan proteomics assay for research and health applications in China. The iCarbonX ecosystem will also make an equity investment in SomaLogic to help accelerate these efforts.

“We founded iCarbonX with the goal of hastening the day when each person can receive truly useful digital health information, derived from many different aspects of their physical being, that they can use to live a healthier—and thus happier and fuller—life,” said Jun Wang, Founder and CEO of iCarbonX. “Our new SomaLogic colleagues share that vision deeply, and they provide the world-leading expertise in proteomics that we need to realize that vision sooner.”

“Jun Wang and iCarbonX are at the forefront of the transformation of healthcare that we and many others are working hard to realise,” said Larry Gold, Chairman and Founder of SomaLogic. “All of us at SomaLogic are excited that Jun and his colleagues recognise the primary contribution of proteomic information in bringing about that transformation, and that they have selected our technology and scientists to partner with them in making it happen.”

Under this new agreement SomaLogic and iCarbonX will establish a joint venture in China, which will include installing SomaLogic’s SOMAscan proteomics assay in China to support the Digital Life Alliance as well as many other Chinese research and clinical concerns. “The joint venture with our iCarbonX colleagues significantly expands SomaLogic’s global reach,” said Byron Hewett, SomaLogic’s Chief Executive Officer. “iCarbonX is the best partner possible for helping us gain access to the enormous Chinese healthcare-related markets.”