Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

IBM helps Think Research scale healthcare

Steve Rogerson
November 21, 2017

IBM is helping Canadian digital healthcare platform provider Think Research drive scalability for its suite of cloud-based clinical decision support tools.
To address modern medical problems, health providers need access to clinical knowledge in easy-to-use and well-designed tools. Think Research provides this executable knowledge through a collection of health care applications, including patient order sets, e-forms, medication reconciliation, progress notes, e-referrals and more.
"We're dedicated to using modern tools to bring transformational change to the healthcare industry," said Saurabh Mukhi, chief technology officer at Think Research. "Our suite of health care applications provides solutions across the health care spectrum. From primary providers and acute care settings through to long-term care facilities, we know their diverse needs demand the best infrastructure technology available."
To support its expanding global customer base, Think Research partnered with IBM to help deliver the technical infrastructure its regulated customers' demand, while maintaining security. IBM Cloud will help Think Research scale without compromising privacy concerns.
"Healthcare organisations need efficient and sustainable solutions to address this industry's challenges in new and innovative ways," said Nathalie Le Prohon, vice president of IBM's healthcare industry in Canada. "IBM Cloud provides a secure and reliable platform for healthcare companies, such as Think Research, to deliver better outcomes and drive much-needed transformation."
Think Research's products are provided through a secure, multi-application platform that is used by clinicians and patients at the point of care, and is deployed in more than 1000 facilities in Canada, the USA and Europe, with millions of patients being impacted annually.