Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Simfony picks iBasis for global connectivity

Steve Rogerson
August 29, 2019

Dutch IoT PaaS provider and mobile virtual network enabler Simfony has selected and integrated the iBasis global access for things service into its real-time IoT platform and core network.
Through the collaboration, Simfony can power its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) customers by unlocking the opportunity to supply end-to-end IoT connectivity. It should enable newcomers with a lower entry point into M2M revenues and providers with a more competitive path to expand and drive their own branded mobile and IoT offerings.
The move capitalises on M2M connectivity and IoT growth driving the MVNO market, which is expected to exceed US$74bn by 2024. The number of IoT devices in use is projected to reach about 20.5 billion by 2020.
The iBasis global IoT service using eUICC technology and Simfony platform integration was completed in Q2 this year. Both members of GSMA, the companies’ technology stacks aligned with engineering teams building upon the same terminology. Since it went live, service usage has grown rapidly.
“We have investigated the eUICC market for the past two years, concluded that iBasis is by far the most advanced partner in the field,” said Joachim de Wild, CEO of Simfony. “We are impressed by the capabilities and expertise of its team. Together iBasis’ eSIM global connectivity and our pay-as-you-grow model enable our customers to launch their IoT MVNO without the need for high upfront commitments. They can now be more competitive on global data rates, scale up to large volumes and be in control using our self-service platform.”
The service has already expanded across use cases spanning maritime, energy and ocean cleaning applications. Users not only gain real-time deployment abilities, but also best-of-market global data rates, while using an automated self-service portal to manage and monitor their eSIMs in real time.
“Our deployment with Simfony exemplifies the power of our global access for things service,” said Ajay Joseph, CTO for Massachusetts-based iBasis. “Integration was rapid and precise, and service established seamlessly. This is game changing. It makes the best possible global connectivity and eUICC technology available to the fastest growing segment of the communications market. Applications in new verticals, such as energy and ocean cleaning, reinforce the true versatility and power of our global IoT connectivity. We look forward to further deployments worldwide and an ever-stronger relationship with Simfony.”
Founded with the mission to enable the next generation of IoT applications, Simfony’s products help communication service providers benefit from a fast growing market created by an increasingly connected life. Simfony provides a multi-tier, managed, mobile core network focused on M2M use cases, together with OSS and BSS management features and data analytics capabilities.
A subsidiary of Tofane Global, iBasis is an independent communications specialist, ranking third largest global wholesale voice operator and top-three LTE IPX vendor with more than 660 LTE destinations. With the integration of Tofane’s acquisition of the Altice Europe international voice carrier business in France, Portugal and the Dominican Republic, iBasis serves more than 1000 customers across 18 offices worldwide.
The iBasis end-to-end global access for things connectivity delivers single source cellular IoT access (LTE, LTE-M and NB-IoT) worldwide provisioned through GSMA-standard eSIM and eUICC technology. This simplifies IoT device connection through one unified platform for seamless, remote, programmable and secure communications.