Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

IAR cuts IoT fleet management system time to market

William Payne
November 11, 2016

Swedish IoT developer Noa Technologies is building an IoT based fleet management solution using the IoT development platform from fellow Swedish company IAR Systems. 

Noa's new industrial IoT solution enables scalable management of moving assets along the entire asset lifecycle. The solution consists of a fleet management software, which is a cloud-based platform for identifying, tracking, managing and optimizing connected devices, and an IoT device that integrates into any moving asset, turning the fleet into a data creation hub. As a start, the company is applying the solution to the bike sharing market.

According to IAR, the debugging and compiling functionality of its IoT development platform has significantly accelerated time to market of the new Noa IoT fleet management system.

“IAR Systems’ products allow us to reduce the time spent on debugging issues during product development, which is critical for a quick product development cycle,” says Pedro Silva, Hardware Engineering Manager, Noa Technologies.

“IAR Systems’ product IAR Embedded Workbench has one of the most comprehensive toolboxes with fundamental debugging features and a very powerful build tool. It also provides a very consistent compile tool, which enables us to optimize the performance of our products,” says Pedro Silva, Hardware Engineering Manager, Noa Technologies. “In addition to the technology, IAR Systems also has a great, and very responsive, customer support team.”