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California hotel breaks record for electric vehicle charging stations

Steve Rogerson
September 28, 2016

The Hyatt Regency hotel in Sacramento has installed what it claims is the largest single hotel electric vehicle charging cluster in the USA.
Up to 26 electric vehicles can charge at the same time. There are 20 ClipperCreek communications enabled level two HCS-40 charging stations and six Tesla vehicle specific charging stations.
The cluster is being controlled and intelligently managed by Smart Grid Billing's GridRabbit system, which is an energy management platform geared specifically for hotels. In addition to monitoring and controlling the power available for charging to avoid utility demand charges, the system also optimises power use across other appliances at the hotel.
ClipperCreek's Cosmos enabled charging stations can be seamlessly added to any GridRabbit management system to allow facilities to offer vehicle charging while staying within their available power budget and eliminate the concern of hitting higher electrical rate and demand tiers.
"We introduced the Cosmos expanded functionality card to more easily facilitate connection of our HCS product line to advanced monitoring and management systems like GridRabbit," said Will Barrett, director of sales at California-based ClipperCreek. "This innovative monitoring and control allows our customers to install more charging ports and service more vehicles while staying within selected power allotments."
To celebrate National Drive Electric Week 2016, the Hyatt Regency hosted a celebration that drew electric vehicle owners from the Sacramento area earlier this month. The event took place on the fifth floor of the hotel’s parking garage.
"The integration of ClipperCreek's Cosmos enabled EV charging stations with the GridRabbit advanced energy management system offers building owners and managers an elegant, cost-effective way to assure that electrical load is kept within lower cost utility price tiers and building energy utilisation is optimised," said Henrik Westergaard, CEO of Smart Grid Billing. "This will enable building managers to ramp up EV charging significantly as electric vehicle use continues to grow."