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Huawei and Oracle partner on AMI

Steve Rogerson
February 14, 2017

Chinese electronics giant Huawei and Oracle have agreed to work together on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in an MoU signed this month.
The Power IoT Ecosystem Partnership MoU will see continued cooperation around the marketing and sales of the Huawei AMI product with Oracle Utilities meter data management (MDM), smart grid gateway (SGG) and related products.
Huawei and Oracle plan to continue cooperating around customer requirements, with the parties able to make use of Huawei’s ICT products, in coordination with Oracle’s capability of R&D, implementation and outsourcing services in the utility industry. This collaboration should enable a robust end-to-end AMI helping power and grid companies improve customer experience and operation efficiency, and achieve energy savings and emission reduction.
Huawei, a Platinum member of the Oracle Partner Network, delivers its AMI that can manage smart meters, communications networks and head end systems using Oracle’s MDM, SGG and customer care and billing. Previously, Huawei and Oracle successfully completed integration testing for the Huawei AMI head end system and the MDM and SGG. Both parties used standard IT technology under open architecture to achieve interconnectivity.
“Huawei is very glad to establish a favourable cooperation relationship with Oracle in connected smart grid territory,” said Huawei energy managing director Cong Peijin. “We plan to increase strategic investment in construction, market expansion projects and joint marketing, conduct the cooperation deeply and consistently, and to finally achieve a win-win business situation.”
The MDM provides management of meter commands for remote switch, data and event access, and meter pings. With these functions, the MDM and Huawei’s head end system work together to optimise AMI scenarios, such as smart meter implementation, remote control, power-theft analysis and power quality analysis.
Based on the success of an integration test and technology seminar, Huawei and Oracle officially agreed to continue cooperation, which should help boost the global grid construction and leverage global knowledge around utilities’ maturity and direction.
“Oracle is looking forward to working together with Huawei in marketing, sales and technology to take the AMI into the target sectors,” said Oracle Greater China regional senior director Stuart Shaw. “Huawei along with Oracle’s utility and customer experience will jointly approach the customer opportunity and achieve a win-win business situation.”